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The narrator is thirsty of love, and to end his thirst, he goes out to find someone who could be his soul mate. The ocean symbolizes the world, which is empty, thus meaning that the world is empty of people who can love…
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Research based metaphorical poem
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Ahmed Aldhaheri James Brown ENGL 2030-002 May 2, draft Poem Love in Disguise I was at the ocean, lips parched with heat Looking for some drops of water,
Alas there were none
Like the endless grains of sand or the water of the ocean
Miles and gallons- but not a drop to quench me;
The ocean was empty
Except for three or four shoals of fish that swam its waters
Big ones, small ones and medium sized,
All making way for each other on the totem pole of delights
Schools of eels to barracudas to shellfish,
But all ensnared by the fisherman’s trawler as they scurried for food.
Then, disturbed by a sudden elegant movement,
Like the hands of the child whose mother left him in darkness;
I saw a beautiful dame,
wearing a red cloak,
coming towards me,
with a pitcher of water.
Eager as I was, I ran to her
My legs were weak, and feet sore.
I saw her more closely,
She was Love in disguise, and no more beautiful.
Like coming face to face with reality and finding it unpleasant.
The pitcher was empty…
Like the hands of the child whose mother left him in darkness.
Then she pounced at me, and ate me up
And like the fish that were consumed in the trawler’s net
I too was no more.
This poem depicts how cruel is the experience of love. The narrator is thirsty of love, and to end his thirst, he goes out to find someone who could be his soul mate. The ocean symbolizes the world, which is empty, thus meaning that the world is empty of people who can love sincerely and whole-heartedly. The narrator is yearning for a few drops of water, but the ocean has none for him, meaning that there is not a small share of love for him in the whole wide world. This shows his loneliness and despair. First metaphor that I used in the poem is /The ocean was empty. Like the hands of the child whose mother left him in darkness./ (lines 4-5). Here, I have related the emptiness of ocean with the despair of a child whose mother has left him alone and has departed him. The empty hands of the child mean that he has nothing left to him for hope. He has no hope of life, love, care, and shelter. He is desolate and deserted. Just like him, the ocean is empty and has no hope for any water coming in, which refers to the fact that the world is empty of loving people, and there is no hope for such people for good.
The next metaphor that I have used in the poem is comparing a beautiful lady with love. The narrator states that he saw a beautiful dame right at the moment he was feeling thirsty, and to his surprise, she was carrying a pitcher that must contain water for him. She was coming toward him, inviting him to drink from the pitcher. The narrator ran to her, even when his feet were injured, but to his dismay, he was not able to walk fast. Still, he managed to reach her, and was shocked to see that the lady was no more a dame, she was love in disguise, ugly and uninviting. She jumped at him, and ate him up, which has a very deep meaning. The narrator, in fact, had met a beautiful lady, but he was so thirsty that he could not see clearly. This means that he found the love of his dreams, but he was so thirsty of love, that he could not recognize the real, ugly intentions of the woman. He fell in love with her, but when he found out her insincerity and dishonesty, it was too late. She had broken his heart. The third metaphor is here: /The pitcher was empty, Like the hands of the child whose mother left him in darkness./ (lines 14-15), which means that the woman he had loved had nothing in her heart for him, and was dishonest. She ate him up, means that she broke his heart. The narrator says he is no more, which means that he is totally wrecked, and feels like dying.
Hence, I have used metaphors at three different places as explained above. The poem is totally my own invention. I did some research on metaphors and how I could use them in poetry. I already knew that metaphor is a rhetorical device that compares two things, by transferring the aspects of one thing to the other (“What is a Metaphor?”), and are extensively used in poetry (Nordquist). Armantrout (para.2) says that metaphors are already there in the language of science. William Shakespeare has used metaphors extensively in his poetry (Weimann 149-167), and I have been very much inspired by him. People called him “the metaphorical terrorist” (Rosen). Crafting a metaphor poem has been a challenge for me, but I have written my imagination in the form of a poem, with the use of metaphors at places where I thought they would look beautiful. The poem is a true depiction of love in today’s world, and talks about how the modern world lacks sincere people and true love.
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