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Cargo - Essay Example

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Cargo carriers contributed a lot on this tremendous achievement by contributing 20% of the returns. The management is hoping that Etihad Cargo continue…
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Extract of sample "Cargo"

Cargo Cargo Introduction When Etihad released its financial ment in 2001, the company had made surmountable profits mostly from cargo business. Cargo carriers contributed a lot on this tremendous achievement by contributing 20% of the returns. The management is hoping that Etihad Cargo continue with their outstanding performance. The main goal of Etihad Airways is to be the best Airline in the world and the promise and determination to provide best services to our esteemed clients. When carrying our client cargo, we should not only consider arrival time but also it depends on the quality of the service provided. This report will discuss the opportunities that Etihad cargo needs to adopt in order to continue with its outstanding performance and to ensure that the cargo business is growing.
It is believed that the current Etihad Cargo warehouse is worn out since it is not operating toward achieving the goal of the company. The company needs to look at various issues that are leading to this situation this is because, the cargo business is said to increase tremendously. Plans are underway to ensure that the company acquires new freighters and open new destinations so as to increase its opportunities of making more profits. New freighters will imply that the company opens up a modern warehouse with the capacity to handle large cargos. The current warehouse is small and in poor state to handle large cargoes in that it is ill equipped to an extent that it cannot sustain live animals for more than six hours. The racks in the warehouse are damaged which leads to unavailability of space. The new warehouse is required to handle cargoes that come in and out from all corners of the world. This will mean that the company has new facility which will open opportunity to present new business lines.
It is vital for the company to change its managerial style since imports and exports have increased which makes products management more intricate. Warehouse management will foresee some benefits to Etihad Cargo such as enhanced order fulfillment expediency, potentiality to meet specific requirements made by customers and increase inventory accuracy. Despite the fact that warehouse management will be costly to cargo department, the benefits surpass the losses since the management will reduce errors and manage the warehouse keeping in mind that our cargo business in growing.
The cargo sales department is given the responsibility of looking for business opportunities in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Etihad Company ought to increase its shares in UAE by evaluating the market. More so, it should also increase its share with DHL which is their major client. Ne opportunities will be available when new destinations will be opened. It is important for IT and Cargo department to interact to ensure that clients are in a position to check the capacity online. The company can increase its profits by making sales through agents in that it should focus in places where cargo capacity is low. Furthermore, opening new sales department in countries that have big businesses such as India and China will be great since it will open up new opportunities. In this sense, the company will have its own agents that are doing business for them thus reducing the costs of hiring agents from outside.
Etihad Cargo should look consider growing markets so as to dispatch their new freighters. Also, it should partner other airlines in order to increase their interline agreements. When dispatching its Airlines to new destination, the company needs to venture in best roots which will increase its revenues when coming back to HUB. Etihad Airline should fly every day to new destination thus increasing the opportunity to make more profits. Before dispatching flights to new destination, market analysis needs to be done so as to know how much can be made from the destination.
It is significant that Etihad Cargo develop a good relationship with its customers by ensuring that customers are well taken care off. By doing this, the customer will be impressed to come back for their services without any doubt. This is not distinct from Cargo business since the information obtained will tell us what, where and how we deal with our customers. Customer service is important that information received is used to assess the extent of customer’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction. This data will shared with other business units which will help create messages that assist to ease critical matters and hence help maintain good relationship with customers. The company should create websites such as e cargo that would help the airline deliver cargoes to customers. More so, via the e-cargo, customers will be able to make their bookings online. This website will also enable customers to track their products.
The company should also improve its technology within the warehouse since it will enable customers to choose one supplier over the other. The new warehouse should be big enough and spacious with the ability to handle large cargoes. It should also be equipped with special and modern facilities. Unfortunately, the warehouse is poorly equipped in that it lacks mini trucks to deliver containers which lead to longer loading and storing hours. Cargo is very essential for Etihad since it is the leading provider of profit, it should improve its cargo services in that it has to include suggested elements through technology. Some of the suggestion is that it has to apply advanced technology within shipping process by fixing a tracking device on ships thus it is easy to track products. The tracking device can be used to categorize items and destinations of the product much easier. This will mean that tracking device will prevent loss or leaving behind items especially treasury or small ones and will ensure having advanced databases of all cargo activities.
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