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Aviation Inspection and Maintenance System - Research Paper Example

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An aircraft departed the side of the runway during take-off due to improper maintenance procedures and poor situation awareness. It also explores how the…
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Aviation Inspection and Maintenance System
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Download file to see previous pages 996), since the beginning of the FAA regulation scheme, FAA maintenance personnel have been required to be certificated in order to perform various tasks in keeping aircrafts under repair and airworthy. Moreover, there are other mechanics that are granted inspection authorization by FAA to perform required inspections on all aircrafts operating in the national airspace (Eichenberger, 1996). Furthermore, federal aviation regulations have been put in place to regulate maintenance and inspections and define operating limitations for aircrafts having different kinds of certifications (FAA, 2008). The federal aviation regulations provide five regulation options that should be adapted by all the aircrafts operating in US airspace. These are the continuous airworthiness inspection program, inspection program used by air taxi operator, inspection program used by air travel club, a manufacturer’s inspection program and any other inspection program developed by the owner and approved by the administrator (King, 1986). According to Patankar and Taylor (2004), to reduce the aviation risks, aviation maintenance strategy should optimize the contribution of people and information through technical support. However, Garland et al. (1999) indicate that human factors such as the individual differences of aviation inspectors have a very great influence on the process of inspection and maintenance of aviation facilities and equipment.
Several factors resulted in occurrence of this accident. One of the key factors is the failure of an air traffic control system to facilitate the dissemination of key, available wind information to the air traffic controllers and the pilots due to poor maintenance. In this case, both the pilot and the traffic controllers were not aware of the presence and effect of the gusting wind that was being experienced at the airport. It is clear that if the two were aware they could have chosen to delay the flight or could have chosen another runway and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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