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Orginizational Development The Process of leading Organizational Change Case Study 6 & 7 - Essay Example

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Donald Anderson (Anderson, 2011) emphasized, internal clients’ managers are dissatisfied with the Human Resource Department. Current challenge is the hiring of 200 new recruits. Likewise, human resource department must fill vacancies of many employees have resigned…
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Orginizational Development The Process of leading Organizational Change Case Study 6 & 7
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Extract of sample "Orginizational Development The Process of leading Organizational Change Case Study 6 & 7"

Download file to see previous pages The new Hire will work under the Human Resource Management officer generalist. The new employee will focus on career planning, compensation, etc. each group. The client feels the change culture has been managed well at this point. The client, Susan, segregates the Human Resource employees under different functions. The functions include sales and marketing (Paula Washington), Linda Andrews (Software Engineering), and Matthew Williams (Distribution). Each group is helped by a subordinate support team. The new model serves the different internal departments running the entity’s ASP Software business. Each group will have more focus on different assigned tasks. Susan focuses on people reduction to save on salary and other related expenses (Anderson, 2011). In addition, the management team feels happy with the organizational design and culture, especially employee reduction. The company is able to save on salary expenses. The company will save on other related expenses. Management will increase profits with the reduction.
However, the employees have anxiety over the reduction. They feel they may be included among the “retrenched” employees. The fear change may disadvantage them. The job change will cause stress as the employees learn their new job responsibilities.
Susan has done segregating the employees under one homogenous function to improve the quality of its services. One department is called Corporate Functions. Another department is Distribution. A third department is Sales and Marketing (Anderson, 2011).
However, Susan should have done differently. Susan should have instituted a brainstorming session. The brain storming session allows all affected persons to contribute their suggestions. Everybody is free to contribute their criticisms and disappointments.
An intervention strategy is highly recommended to Susan to improve the current organizational chart’s effectiveness and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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