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An actual view of the rocks revealed distinct characteristics that are typical of rocks in this region. Relative deductions ascertain that the region’s geographic region is relatively dynamic…
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Download file to see previous pages fasalt and marble schiet which according to Erickson were formed through heat and pressure that made them to melt miles below the sea level (Erickson 59). The rain energy played a leading role in transporting these grains. The age of this fountain formation is 300 million years and its height is approximately 10000 feet high.
At the Morrinson, there were the lyons and lykins formations that were formed about 251 million years ago. With respect to color the formations comprise of green, gray and maroon clay stone as well as mudstone. This formation was necessitated by movement and deposition of grains. There is also the presence of fossil deposits including dinosaur bones. This is exemplified by their wavy layers of muddy limestone that is indicative of stromatolites. The movement of the grains is attributed to rain energy that is also responsible for the weathering process. Their size according to Erickson is 400 feet thick (Erickson 59). With respect to the period of formation, it is a bit difficult to tell because this is largely depended on the kind of sediment carried in suspension as well as how well this is deposited.
A walk through the Dakota formation offered useful insights regarding sandstone formation. In this, there was a continuity of various sandstone beds located at distinct spots along the road. Also, there were different sedimentary structures. These variations in the layers imply that the process of formation is continuous and not static. Notably, each layer was formed during a specific period with the bottommost layer having been formed earlier than the topmost layer. This shows that the process of deposition is continuous and being experienced even today. This is because the rain energy that necessitated previous depositions is still being experienced in the region.
This structure also offers useful information about the deposition rate experienced in distinctive years. Notably, the layers differ considerably in size. This shows that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Write up Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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