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Summarize the geologic history of the Mojave National Preserve - Essay Example

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Mojave National preserve has a remarkably diverse and complex geology; this is due to the metamorphic and igneous activity and their structural deformations. Some isolated mountain ranges and several ridges, separated by irregular and alluvium-filled large valleys, characterize…
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Summarize the geologic history of the Mojave National Preserve
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Extract of sample "Summarize the geologic history of the Mojave National Preserve"

Summarize the Geologic History of the Mojave National Preserve Mojave National preserve has a remarkably diverse and complex geology; this is due to the metamorphic and igneous activity and their structural deformations. Some isolated mountain ranges and several ridges, separated by irregular and alluvium-filled large valleys, characterize the Mojave National Preserve. This paper discusses the history of this unique preserve, including its origin.
This preserve formed approximately 18.5 million years ago. This was through a volcanic eruption from a nearby mountain woods. The rapid expansion of gas that caused the gas to rise, pushing with it the volcanic materials, caused the eruption. A low, moving cloud of ash and some rock fragments spread out at extremely high speed across the nearby areas. Some of the rock fragments were approximately 60 feet across this preserve (Glazner et al. 15).
The hot ash buried every living thing that was along its path, while the magma spread across a region of approximately 600 kilometers, and the hot rock and ash segments welded together when they reached the ground. Some of the rocks, exposed at the preserve, are from 16.5 to 1.4 billion years ago. They consist of metamorphic rocks, derived from the pre-existing volcanic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks. Some of these rocks have extremely high-grade metamorphic textures and minerals that are because of the high pressures and temperature that are typical of crust 20-40km below the earth’s surface (Glazner et al 16).
The preserve has several admirable sceneries; the rocks form a prominent place for a tour, and through the vast and complex history of how the preserve came about to be formed, one cannot but appreciate the beauty of the preserve.
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Glazner A. F et al. Geologic evolution of the Mojave Desert and southwestern basin and range. Boulder: Geological Society of America, 2002. Print Read More
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