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What you see as the pathWay to complete wellness - Essay Example

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However, the rewards can be great if you stick at it. Most people would consider the physicality to determine complete wellness because it is what is visible on the outside. But to me…
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What you see as the pathWay to complete wellness
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Extract of sample "What you see as the pathWay to complete wellness"

Pathway to Complete Wellness The path to complete wellness involves can be tough and challenging even at the best of times. However, the rewards canbe great if you stick at it. Most people would consider the physicality to determine complete wellness because it is what is visible on the outside. But to me the components that make up complete wellness include physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and psychological areas. If not all of these areas are focused on, then complete wellness cannot be achieved. Partial wellness is possible if improvement is made on a couple of areas in life, but development needs to occur on every issue for it to be considered complete wellness. Before I took this course, I roughly thought that this was the path to complete wellness, so my ideas have not really changed based on what I have learned throughout this course.
The most obvious component to complete wellness is in the physical area of someone’s life. To experience fulfillment in this area, it requires being totally satisfied with one’s physical state. The sad thing is that too many people do not feel this, and this is mostly because of what society and the media tells them how they should be. To improve physically, someone needs to take the time and dedication to be willing to alter their diet in order to improve their physical appearance. This is just one component of improving physicality; another is being motivated enough to do exercise so as to reduce one’s weight. This is really challenging for most people, but it can be achieved with enough will power.
Another component to complete wellness is through emotions. Females are very susceptible to this, but it can affect everyone at some stage. Some people are very emotional and get upset even at the slightest thing. This shows that someone is not content with their emotional side because they cannot control their emotions. It does not matter what another person says or does; emotional wellness is about feeling good about one’s self and not listening to what others have to say.
The next area of complete wellness is through the mental side. This is perhaps the most underestimated part of complete wellness because it is very difficult to know what other people are thinking. Negative thinking can result in poor lifestyles choices, and this will ultimately not lead to complete wellness. In fact, mental toughness is the most critical part of wellness because it determines how someone would react to certain situations.
The fourth area to complete wellness is spirituality. Many people do not think of this area as important, but this is an area that can improve someone’s self-esteem. The belief in a higher power can give a person the strength to carry on when they feel desperate.
The last component of complete wellness is through psychological means. In some ways, this area is very similar to other components, but it is still an important part on its own. For some people who are having confidence issues, it may be that they need to see a counselor. This person can talk through someone’s issues and try to help them through a difficult time. Once this last component has been achieved, only then can someone reach complete wellness. Read More
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