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Joseph Kony - Term Paper Example

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This paper seeks to examine public awareness and opinions regarding the issues related to a Ugandan-based rebel group known as Lord Resistance Army (LRA). This group, which is headed by Joseph Kony has conducted a lot of brutal acts against civilians in Uganda for a long time…
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Joseph Kony
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Extract of sample "Joseph Kony"

Download file to see previous pages This paper therefore presents a qualitative research using both primary and secondary data to examine the opinions of the public to the issue. The Primary data is gathered from 5 students using questionnaires. Secondary data is gathered from various internet websites and journals that analyze opinions on this issue. The opinions gathered in this research showed that has expressed mixed reactions to the issue, with some supporting it and others do not. Various arguments are advanced in support of the different perspectives of the public.
Joseph Kony is the head of a Ugandan Guerilla group known as Lord Resistant Army (LRA). This group was formed in 1987 with an agenda of overthrowing the government of Uganda. According to Ksilvers (2012), this group enjoyed massive public support initially. However, this changed after the group turned against its own supporters in the process of trying to turn Uganda into a theocracy. Kony is a superstitious leader who claims that he is a spirit medium and a spokesman of God. He believes that if he succeeds in overthrowing Ugandan government, he can create a more suitable government based on theocracy and guided by the biblical Ten Commandments. His soldiers have crosses painted on their chests and believe that this will protect them from bullets. Unfortunately, the actions of this group directly contrast the requirements of biblical principles. However, though as the survey portrays most people did not know Kony before his indictment by the ICC, Kony remains as the biggest threat to peace and stability in Norhtern Uganda, having carried out massive abductions and killings in his guerrilla tactics.
As noted earlier, LRA, originally called United Holy Salvation Army (UHSA) was established in 1987. Its agenda was political and the ruling party, the National Resistant Army led by Ugandan President did not perceive it as a threat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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