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Its multinational scope also presents employees with opportunities to international ventures. The scope of work at the company is also…
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Targeted Organization Summary
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Targeted organization summary Shell Company is a multinational organization, well established with a history of stability. It therefore presents employees with job security.
The company’s establishment provides for good psychological working environment that facilitate performance and career development. Its multinational scope also presents employees with opportunities to international ventures. The scope of work at the company is also interesting. Operations at Shell that include industrial extraction of petroleum provide a public health student in industrial hygiene with an employment opportunity that matches academic qualifications. Besides, the company’s scope of work that includes interaction with workers in exploration processes is captivating (Shell, n.d.).
The company is also dynamic and is expanding scope. It has for example been planning to expand its ventures into the Arctic waters from primary dependence on the Mexican gulf. The company has also been active in ensuring safety in its ventures, a move that contributed to its temporary clearance for the Arctic exploration. Though a number of regulatory measures still face the company over the exploration, there are high chances that a license will be granted. This will even expand the company’s scope for a more explorative work environment (Broder and Krauss, 2012).
As a public health expert, I have the potential to design and implement the organization’s strategies towards safety of employees. My potential will therefore help the company in realizing its commitment and policy statements towards employee and environmental safety (Static, 2009).
Based on the company’s structure and career development friendly environment, I look forward to becoming its corporate safety manager in five years time.
Shell is therefore the best opportunity for career development.
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Targeted Organization Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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