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It’s social in the sense that it has to interact with the environment for the attainment of its primary goals and objectives (Jensen, 1998).
In this paper I am…
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Business Overview Business Overview Introduction A business can be defined as a social entity whose primary function is profit generation through cost minimization. It’s social in the sense that it has to interact with the environment for the attainment of its primary goals and objectives (Jensen, 1998).
In this paper I am going to discuss my business overview with reference to its core purpose, vision, mission, organization strategy, business unit, sources of competitive advantage and business opportunities.
Organizational context
My organization is a profit making organization whose core function is soft drink production. Its name is Freshest Bottlers. The primary function of my business is manufacturing ready to drink juice whose basic customers are the domestic families, as well as travellers. Freshest Bottlers vision is “To be the leading fruit juice producer in the world”. The mission of Freshest Bottlers is “to provide healthy fruit juice and relative products that fulfil customer needs and wants at consumer friendly prices”. The business’ organization’s strategy is: “To provide distinctive fresh fruit refreshments to the public through healthy and pocket-friendly methods with the aim of increasing our current market share.
Sources of competitive advantage
The sources of competitive advantage in my business include:
1. Product differentiation through branding and provision of varieties in terms of juice production.
2. Ease of market penetration through the different packaging strategy that targets all people from families to single people e.g. travellers.
3. My company also benefits from economies of scale since it’s able to produce juice on a large scale and sell in wider markets.
The business Opportunity
1. My business has opportunities in the production sector through mechanization of processes by use of machines.
2. My business also tends to enjoy opportunities through expansion of its markets into international markets.
3. The ease of getting raw materials for production is also an opportunity.
Jensen, M. C. (1998). Foundations of organizational strategy. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press. Read More
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Overview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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