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Include a copy of the promotional item for that game (hat). Do an in-depth interview with four – five (different age groups) people (do not interview yourself or people you are with) who are attending the game. Questions: why they went to the…
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See des
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Download file to see previous pages re concerned, much of the motivation that get people to patronize matches has to do with personal thoughts of people about the sporting discipline in question, players involved in the game, competing teams, and other social factors. Though the need for marketing strategies is generally necessary, a lot of the respondents pointed to the fact that they attended the game because of the performance of the two teams of the day. Greater part of the respondents also indicated that they are selective of the kind of games to watch based on the performance of the teams involved and whether or not they have personal favorites among the players taking part in the game. Some others also pointed out that their presence had no linkage with marketing done by the teams but that they were there as part of their social curricula activities. The researcher can therefore conclude that for people to get more students to games, they ought to create very good personality marketing for their teams and players. This is because if the teams and their players have very good image in the eyes of the students, they students will go and watch their games as part of their social relaxation activities.
Interview someone who works for a retail store about how they choose which products the store sells. You will have to interview an owner or manager who is involved in the product decisions. A clerk at a store will not know how the products are picked. You can interview them about a particular product line (like snow boards or stuffed animals or soft drinks) or new products. This question should include some detail-not just “what people buy is what we keep”.
The popularity of a product is determined by the public promotion and popularity of the product. This is because the interviewee indicated that there are shoppers who come to the shop and ask for specific products because they have heard advertisements on the products. This confirms the saying that buyers take decisions based on what ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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See Des Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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A few years back when large companies faced the prospect of losing their stronghold within the arena of domestic markets, they simply searched for fas...
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The Case of the Blind Painter is about a 65-year-old artist and painter who lost the ability to distinguish color after he had a car accident, which damaged the vision center of his brain. Sacks admit that this case was one its kind due to its unique nature. Sacks had not come across such a case in his career before and had earlier understood that color blindness was a condition that people were born with, that is, it was congeni...
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