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Social, Political, and Organizational Factors - Essay Example

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It would be precise to say that Cincinnati the most prominent city in Ohio, USA. Established in 1788, the city is situated north of the river Ohio which borders Ohio-Kentucky, near Indiana. The population in the…
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Social, Political, and Organizational Factors
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Social, Political, and Organizational Factors Affiliation with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact
1. Identify a particular group of people in your community or practice setting that you know to have inadequate healthcare access, health status, or quality of care. (HISPANICS)
The population identified is the US community in CINCINNATI OHIO. It would be precise to say that Cincinnati the most prominent city in Ohio, USA. Established in 1788, the city is situated north of the river Ohio which borders Ohio-Kentucky, near Indiana. The population in the city limits was 296,943, as indicated by the 2010 census making it Ohios third- biggest city. As indicated by the 2011 Census Bureau the Cincinnati metropolitan region has a population of almost 2,138,038, the 27th most crowded and the most populous metropolitan statistical region \in the US, and the most crowded city in Ohio. Though Hispanics constitute the major ethnic minority populace in the US, they have no access to health care provisions, and appropriate healthcare system In this regard, two important factors are to be considered (1). Hispanics are less expected to search for and obtain health-care services and system, which might donate to their inferior health status and high rates of mortality and morbidity (2). To evaluate dissimilarities in access to the most appropriate health-care facilities and precautionary services among non-Hispanics and Hispanics, with CDC examined 2001--2002 information from Behavioral Risk Feature Surveillance Scheme (BRFSS) surveys.
2. Briefly discuss the social and political influences behind this disparity. Does this population have one or more of the risk factors that Shi and Stevens (2010) identify? Offer evidence that supports your assertions.
Social and political factors affect Hispanic’s admittance to preventive services as well as the major influences behind the disparity. Disparities in making use of various preventive services by ethnic or racial characteristics have been recognized; minority inhabitants, such as Hispanics, are less expected than non-Hispanics in getting preventive services. This report reveals that these disparities in access to screening practices and health-care among Hispanics and non-Hispanics still persist. Shi and Stevens (2010), identify that population as a whole have one or more risk factors. The health of a population is affected by its economic and social circumstances and the health care services it obtains. On an average, the socioeconomic position of Hispanics in the US is significantly lower than that of non-Hispanic whites. Hispanics also face various barriers in obtaining health care services of extremely high quality. Some of these obstacles occur due to their low socioeconomic position; others obstacle are due to various specific aspects of the Hispanic population.
3. Describe how you can reduce this disparity by mobilizing existing assets and forming a partnership with other groups.
The primary aim of the U S government is to reduce or eradicate disparities in healthcare. Using the data from National Health Interview Survey in 2000, profiles of the disparities were formed for five common actions of patient-reported unmet healthcare requirements, all of which occurred as a result of concern over costs. These incorporated aspects are lacks of medical care, late medical care, late filling of recommendation, late mental healthcare, and late dental care. Getting equity in the access to and superiority of care for every Americans is a tremendous challenge for the country. One strategy for decreasing disparities is to determine various indicators of health and healthcare, and their associated risk factors. Representative data from sources that discover the negative effect of multiple factors of risk on healthcare access, receipt of precautionary care, and health of children are widely discussed and debated. Certain methodological approaches are also to be considered when one conducts research on susceptibility. It may be helpful to stratify analysis through unchallengeable features such as ethnicity or race, and to generate risk profiles using features that are more amenable to interventions of policy.
4 .Cite one additional way in which you might influence policy—whether regulatory, legislative, or public--to promote and preserve health for this population.
In addition to this gradient relation, certain amalgamations of risk factors may generate more detrimental profiles of risk than other amalgamations, and it is significant to recognize these susceptible risk profiles. Accomplishing equity in the quality of and access to care for every Americans is a remarkable challenge for the state. One strategy for decreeing disparities is to evaluate healthcare and health indicators and their associated risk factors. On the other hand, this information is frequently reported to be giving attention to single risk factors, rather than in a way that emphasizes the cumulative results of multiple risk factors, as proposed by the universal model of susceptibility. “Since national and state datasets contain information on a wide range of risk factors, researchers and policy makers would benefit from explicitly examining the multiple risks that affect vulnerable populations simultaneously, as we have demonstrated in the three examples above. These examples suggest that the determinants of health and healthcare problems are multifactorial and that they can be studied in an integrative approach using risk profiles” (Shi 2008 Pg.10).
This study on methodology can reinforce our existing information on health disparities, and offer assistance to potential interventions of the policy, targeting limited resources in the direction of the most vulnerable groups.
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Shi, L et al (2008). Enhancing the Measurement of health Disparities for vulnerable Populations Journal of Public Management & Practice. Lippincott’s Nursing center. Com. Retrieved from Read More
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