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This are bodies that deals in law maintenance in matters concerning security and welfare of the entire country. It comprises of the…
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Police Dept
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Police Department Organization Structure al Affiliation Police Department Organization Structure Police agencies are part of the many organization that help in the running the country, they are about eighteen thousand seven hundred and sixty. This are bodies that deals in law maintenance in matters concerning security and welfare of the entire country. It comprises of the following levels: local, state and federal.
Local Level
Sheriff who serves for only a period of four years heads the agency.
Matters such as emergency call concerning neighborhood theft are dealt with at this level. In addition, this level deals with maintenance of security: Around cities, towns, patrolling the cities and interior place of the country such as the villages. It only run and handle small cases like the arrest of minors and settlement of dispute around the town, also carry out investigation and after identifying a case that got crime that is beyond their power to deal with, it is always handled to the next level as it might need more of investigation to be done this is because they are limited by their jurisdiction the extent to handle in a case.
State Level
The state level got more authority than the local did and as the name suggest its matters are the once that concerns entire state. The duties of the state officers are recruitment of fellow police, patrolling and maintenance of highway, directing the parking way within the state, control and regulates alcohol consumption and have authority over the ports in the around. For well accomplishment of its duties, the state level is divided into the following departments: Criminal investigation, state bureau of investigation and department of motor vehicle.
Federal Level
This is the largest body consisting of approximately 60 agencies. It deals with protection of entire country starting with the most outer part protection and patrol of its borders, control of immigration this is by controlling the incoming and outgoing of personnel in the country. The officers at this level deal and tackle large crime across every state and town, exercise control and prevention of any criminal activities. Federal consists of about 60 agencies, sampling them here are the most common and large agencies: Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I), Fire and Explosives agency and Drug Enforcement administration.
The three levels offer security and maintain peace to entire nation altogether by being that each part of the country has its own level that handles it and through communication the tackling, handling and clear investigation is accomplished hence leading to maintenance of security.
Civil Service on Police Agencies
The civil service system in the United States, established in 1871, consists of the federal civil service and the uniformed police service. The federal service consists of the executive, judicial and the legislative.
In the 19th century, the method of the appointment within the system was the spoil system where the president had the right to appoint and sack any one without consultation. This politicized the system; hence, the police organization was not efficient since execution of duties fell at the pleasure of the current president. However, this changed in 1883 with the implementation of the Pendleton civil service reform act.
The civil servants in the United States do not take part in political activities while on duty. This ensures that all the services within the police organization are free and fair. All the United States citizens had an equal right, which, the civil service system had a duty to uphold.
The services within the system fall into two divisions: the competitive services and the excepted services. The excepted services consist of the diplomats and the federal bureau of investigation, which ensures the implementation of the police services according to the level of the issue at hand. This ensures that the United States civil system if efficient.
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