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Works hours and GBA - Essay Example

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While well in integrated with the learning activities of students, work can go along way in enhancing the performance of students in…
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Works hours and GBA
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Extract of sample "Works hours and GBA"

Work hours and GPA Although work has been observed as a hindrance to concentration and academic achievement for the case might be different in reality. While well in integrated with the learning activities of students, work can go along way in enhancing the performance of students in their class work. In studying the relationship between work hours and GPA among graduate students at CLU, quantitative methods of research will be applied. The choice for a quantitative method of study is informed by the fact that this method states in absolute terms the dependent and the independent variables, showing clearly what factors will determine the outcome of the study (Alex, 59). Additionally, the application of quantitative method ensures that the data collected is valid and reliable, since it entails the collection of primary data from the participants directly, using tools such as interviews and questionnaires. Through the application of a quantitative method of study, any subjectivity is eliminated, as the findings, recommendations and the conclusions are based on the data collected, evaluated and analyzed. This further serves to increase on the validity, accuracy and reliability of such results and information, as generated by the method. A great advantage associated with quantitative method of study is the fact that the researcher does not have to prepare strictly a design in advance, as the method unfolds in a more natural manner, making it easy for use by even individuals who have no prior experience in research (Alex, 61).
The choice of the topic is based on the notion held by many people that if a student engages in work while still studying, it is likely to negatively affect his academic performance, since work is tiresome and exhaustive. While this could be one perspective, there could be many other advantages associated with students involving in work, while still undertaking their studies. For example, it can be easily observed that work provides a student with an alternative channel to break the monotony of class work, through an indulgence in different activities that are not of an academic nature. Therefore, this topic is a vital area of study, in that, the findings of the study will go a long way in making it well understood as to what is the relationship between work hours and GPA among graduate students. Further, the conclusion and recommendations reached by the study will serve to enlighten the academic fraternity on the advantages of students working while still studying. This way, it will help students make informed decisions regarding their indulgence in work, while they are still undertaking their studies. Since the study seeks to know what the relationship between the variables is, the results of the study will also help those students who are already engaging in work to make an alternative decision, in case the results finds that work and learning cannot be integrated successfully. The topic handles a very important aspect of modern day learning environment, where most students are undertaking their studies while at the same time working. Thus, understanding the viability of this modern aspect of learning, as is the aim of this study, becomes imperative.
In case I have to undertake the same project again, the same method would be applied
due to the advantages of validity, reliability and accuracy of data obtained through the
application of the method. Quantitative methods allow the investigator an opportunity to interact with the variables and the environment, hence gaining a better understanding.
Work cited
Alex, Matveev. The Advantages of employing Quantitative Methods. Institute of Management, Business and Law Publishing, 2002. 59-67. Read More
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