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Hazardous materials - Research Paper Example

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The increase in the amount of hazardous material has resulted in an increase in the health cost and burden due to diseases. This is because hazardous materials have both direct and…
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Hazardous materials
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Extract of sample "Hazardous materials"

Download file to see previous pages Hazardous material may take the form of gases, liquids or solids. Hazardous materials are known to be corrosive, toxic, reactive and inflammable. This paper will focus health care hazardous health care material. It will focus on the source, impact and prevention of hazardous material.
Hazardous health care waste is produced as a result of diagnosis, treatment, research and immunization of human beings. They are classified as general and hazardous material generated in the health care facilities and institutions (Upton, 2003). It is produced during administrative procedures in the health care facilities. The hazardous materials include pathological, infectious material, sharps, genotoxic material, pharmaceutical waste, chemical waste and radioactive materials. The source of the material determines the composition of the waste. These wastes are also generated from the mortuary, drug manufacturers, laboratory and research centres as well as health care facilities and institutions.
Infectious material contains pathogens, for example, bacteria, virus and fungi in sufficient concentration to cause a disease or harm in a susceptible host. Pathological materials consist of tissues, organs, body parts, blood and other body fluids which are considered to be infectious. Genotoxic wastes include cytostatic drugs, urine, feces and vomit from a patient who has been treated using radioactive, cytostatic drugs and chemicals (Upton, 2003). Pharmaceutical materials include expired, spilt or contaminated drugs and vaccines. Radioactive material includes liquids and gases containing radioactive material as well as the excretion products of a patient treated with radioactive substances.
Health care hazardous waste exposure can lead to disease or injury. The hazardous attributes of the health waste may be due to several characteristics. These include genotoxic characteristics, radioactivity, containing infectious agents, containing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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