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Examining the influence of street gangs on juvenile delinquency in eastern NC - Thesis Example

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With the general growth in the rate of gang activities in eastern North Carolina rated at 40% by the police reports, there have been concerns from the authorities, the lobby groups and the society. These parties have concerns on the relationship between the growth of group…
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Examining the influence of street gangs on juvenile delinquency in eastern NC
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Extract of sample "Examining the influence of street gangs on juvenile delinquency in eastern NC"

Download file to see previous pages Currently according to police reports of eastern North Carolina the rate of growth of gangs is estimated to be at 35%. This year alone there are about 14,000 gang members with over 500 gangs.
Some individuals have even attempted to carry out research on gang activities (Carlie, 2008). The table below was used by the department of Juvenile justice and delinquency prevention in North Carolina. It shows the level of prevalence of gang activity in North Carolina
In his own account, Patrick Radden wanted to understand why the groups seemed to be distributed almost everywhere. He took the initiative of carrying out a research on the migration of gangs and the reason for gangs’ prevalence in some of the states, in the US (Kate, 2012). . He was able to carry out on the research explaining in details how the gangs migrated and spread to most parts of the state (Joyce, 2012). According to his research, he was unable to provide quantitative data, his information is only theoretical, and it proves the desire for further exploration.
According to the various research activities carried out there is a problem to the society, as well as to the government. However, this works have helped the society to understand the magnitude and type of challenge it is facing. Conversely, the government has strived to establish the level of prevalence of the gang activities in the society together with its magnitude (Karen, Bullocka and Tilley, 2008). Although there is no much data concerning gang activities, what is available is enough to give all parties concerned i.e. the government and the society of the true picture of what is in the ground.
The government has already done much concerning the issue of the gangs as well as the society. However, it is clear that what has been done is not enough and there is the need for more to be done (Harlow, 1983). These ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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