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The first class was an English listening class that lasted for one hour (11a.m-12p.m). The class had one teacher and three students. The…
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Report - classroom observation
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Download file to see previous pages It is significant for both parties to identify these things. Hopkins (2002, 10) explains that the setting of a class makes an observer to preconceive what he/she will expect when the class commences.
Since the topic was about the television, the students would have to listen to the television. Since s and videos are almost inseparable, there was the inclusion of the video. It also made the class more interesting. The television was placed before the class while the instructor stood between the students and the screen. However, she made sure that she did not obstruct the students from viewing the screen. By standing between these two subjects, the teacher was able to monitor both sides thus she could manage the class better. If she stood at the back of the class, the students would be distracted by having to look at the rear of the course group and then at the front in order to follow up on both the teacher and the screen.
The teacher started by pronouncing some words to be expected when viewing the video or television. The students first listened to the pronounced words, then they repeated these words and then they tried to spell them out so that they could have a better understanding of them. The teacher encouraged the students to ask questions regarding the areas they did not understand. Additionally, the teacher encouraged the participation of the students before, after and during the watching of the video. At one point, all the three students were not attentive to what was on the screen. The teacher encouraged the students to be attentive by showing the video once more.
The teacher’s language and actions were also strategic in enabling the students to understand the content they were taught. Ollerton (2004, 14) states that the language used by a teacher when teaching plays a major role in enabling a student to understand a given topic. The teacher was constantly praising ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Report - Classroom Observation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words - 1.
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