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System safety - Research Paper Example

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It involves risk management and avoidance from injury or any kind of damages to a working system, that is, a computer system. A system is a set of detailed or programmed processes and methods…
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System safety
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Download file to see previous pages Today, people, organizations, and companies are all technologically advancing, and information technology is a backbone of these advancements. All these technological changes are controlled potentially by a computer, making a computer system the most delicate device in the world, and, therefore, a lot has been done to make computers more reliable and safe by implementing security measures that protect their environs (Leveson 38). These computers are all controlled by systems incorporated in them. These systems have general security measures.
Software safety is provided by a complex of security measures against programs that affect a system. It involves recognizing and neutralizing security threats and prevention measures against substances affecting normal operation of computer software. These threats include:
It is when software disguised as something else is installed in a system with the awareness of a system manager. The Trojan horses contain either a trigger that sets itself when a specific event reaches or occurs in a system or a back door which allows entry of different users into a system when Trojan-infected software is in use.
Viruses constitute the most common threat for a system. They work by replicating themselves and then spreading into a system’s sub-system. Through this entry, they attack and destroy the host system.
They attack and consume available resources quietly, overloading a system and finally making it dysfunctional. They work by reproducing and spreading as wide as possible in a system so as to achieve their goal, and they are always developed for only a certain type of system. Worms are primarily aimed at high or large systems to collect data and feed it to unauthorised users. (Storey 27)
This happens when malicious websites that support security holes and use them in certain technologies in a network trigger an organizations web browser to do and perform unauthorised ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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