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Synthesis and analysis on Total quailty control book by Armand V. Feigenbaum - Essay Example

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This is because quality lies behind the formulation of business strategies for the organizations. Research has it that quality must be there in the running of a business in various areas such as in the establishment…
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Synthesis and analysis on Total quailty control book by Armand V. Feigenbaum
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Extract of sample "Synthesis and analysis on Total quailty control book by Armand V. Feigenbaum"

Download file to see previous pages According Basu (2006), quality is never “optional” for the organization but necessary that ensures the continuity of a business. They believe that through total quality management the business is able to increase the quality of their service delivery and that of products.
However, Armand (2008) believes that there need for “total” approach to quality and in specific points out to total quality control as the way forward to satisfy the customer needs. According to ISO 8402 total quality management can be defined as an approach of a company, that is intended to focus on quality delivery. Farther the ISO definition states that quality should be the duty of all the members of staff and not the managers alone and this is in line to Armands believe to quality delivery. Thus total quality management involves the employees, and other members of staff in coming up with ways of satisfying the quality of a product, process quality and organizational quality. Armand thus believes that with total quality control everybody in the organizations works hard to achieve the goals of the organization and works towards customer satisfaction.
Previously, research had proposed on the need of quality for the success of any business organization (Beckford, 2005). However, Armand (2008) came up with the idea of total quality control in the success of a business. He believed that through total quality management in organizations was the way forward in realizing the quality of a product during the manufacturing process and, hence satisfying the need of consumers as they are the main reasons of being in business. This idea meant that all processes and the units used in the manufacturing of a product need to be focused on the final delivery of a high quality product.
The organization should therefore be the one responsible for the high quality product. The organization according to him consists of the management, the employees and all other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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