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An experiential - Essay Example

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By experience, leading a community does not only involve the responsibility of looking after the welfare of people by implementing measures or delegating tasks that would ensure how efficiently general concerns are addressed. More than social and physical work, it entails a…
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An experiential
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Write about what you think your role is in developing your community and what it means to be a community leader. Give examplesways in have helped your community.
By experience, leading a community does not only involve the responsibility of looking after the welfare of people by implementing measures or delegating tasks that would ensure how efficiently general concerns are addressed. More than social and physical work, it entails a unique kind of leadership that speaks to the heart of the community as I understand meaning in several roles found in it for which to respond and assume a common function which any member of the community can deeply relate with. Eventually, something common and good is felt and understood and in this manner, we build trust as well as compassion with each other and people spontaneously look up to my leadership with gratitude and respect, voluntarily taking part in becoming a developed community that can be well-sustained in different aspects of living.
Community, in our common knowledge and as the term implies, makes typical reference to that local spot or group in which find and sense belongingness in a unified body with common goals, interests, or deeds. In it we realize the natural process of a give-and-take mechanism when it comes to allocation of social influences that correspondingly affect an individual’s response and social behavior toward the rest of community members. We may go beyond such usual notion and perceive how else a community may be defined or characterized by the emerging social attitudes which are essentially patterned after a particular origin or structure.
Normally, we find ourselves bound to care with one another in a community not only because we readily understand the necessity of survival through interactive relationship but even for the natural truth in historicity where there emerges discernment of historical background that enables one person to gauge the other in terms of a continuing culture they have both lived with though at separate places and time. The mutual respect or concern established toward a cultural or religious tradition, for instance, may hold us within a sensible definition of community in which while we distinguish individual selves with unique identity to develop for personal growth, we know somewhere from the inner core that our mutuality in beliefs and principles sets us apart from certain degree of plural indifference.
As a community leader, I personally advocate the aforementioned findings and believe that I can significantly contribute on promoting the essence of communication by allowing more educational and recreational programs to be conducted in order to discover potentials of each member so that everyone learns to share certain skills which can be widely useful and profitable when applied by others. It is my utmost desire to see my community grow through improved lives of people out of collaborative efforts where all members are free to choose for themselves while they happily render tasks for the sake of the rest. Regardless of economic or social status, I would guarantee being available for any individual who might seek my aid in resolving a personal crisis much as I make it a point to show active presence in helping a number of people overcome unhealthy feelings or grudge against each other despite the nature of conflict. Moreover, I envision that a developed community is an environmental community so I think of pursuing the objective of having to engage people in ecological activities that deal with tree-planting, proper disposal and sorting of wastes, and conservation of energy resources. Read More
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(An Experiential Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
An Experiential Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“An Experiential Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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