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Judaism and Communism: Real Connection or Hyped Up Propaganda - Essay Example

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Name Date Professor Class Judaism and Communism: Real connection or hyped up propaganda? The Jewish religion and cultural have been in existence since the historical biblical times. During the period of time between the creation of the Jewish religion and World War II there was a great deal of animosity and outward violence towards Jewish populations…
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Judaism and Communism: Real Connection or Hyped Up Propaganda
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"Judaism and Communism: Real Connection or Hyped Up Propaganda"

Download file to see previous pages If Central European leaders were correct in their assumption regarding Judaism’s connection to Communism, there should also not be the assumption that Jewish individuals are money hungry and will do everything in their power to store money. Following World War I, there were members of the German government who were Jewish. These individuals in part assisted in the post war reparations that were due. Already unhappy with the way that the war turned out, many military leaders in Germany as well as political leaders were unsure why these “Jews” were involved at all. Following the treaty, it was soon realized by Germany that because they were the aggressors, the repayment was steep to include no military and monetary reimbursement to Great Britain and France. Many Jewish members of society in Central Europe during this time were business owners and led middle class lives. For instance, the family in the movie Sunshine (1999) owns a tonic company that during that time places them in an upper socioeconomic class. Central Europe during this time was mostly Christian who did not believe in circumcising their male babies. The Jewish religion however, was adamant that young infants be circumcised prior to entering schools.1 Without this the church did not consider a male to be of the Jewish faith. With this knowledge many political figures have used this knowledge to undermine the Judaism and also to tell a Gentile man from a “Goy”. This cultural attribute was extremely useful when separating Jewish citizens from non-Jewish citizen for Ghettos and concentration camps. In many instances police officers required men to drop their pants to check if this was in fact someone of Jewish heritage or not.2 For this reason some parents and guardians refused to circumcise their male infants. Even though this surgery is required by the synagogue, many religious leaders understood specifically during World War II, the necessity for maintaining completeness, however a line was drawn when it came to Jewish boys becoming men. The procedure was required prior to advancement to adulthood. Another element of Judaism that many used against them was their culture. The Jewish religion does not celebrate Christmas but instead Hanukkah which is vastly different than that of Orthodox Catholics and Christians. In addition, the Judaic religion does not subscribe to the New Testament nor do they believe that Jesus was reincarnated during Easter. This division in religion placed Jewish citizens at a disadvantage in predominantly Christian communities. This further isolated Jewish individuals from their communities in Central Europe. Some Hungarians believed that they lived open, truthful lives, while Jewish citizens lived a closed, secretive life that was the negation of everything right in the world.3 Even Adolf Hitler thought that the Jewish faith was a “strange religion” that not only separated them from many in Central Europe, but in Hitler’s opinion caused those of Jewish faith to not be a “German of a strange religion”, but to not even be German.4 This belief that different was bad extended though most of Central Europe prior to World War II. In addition to having a strange religion, those of Jewish heritage ate Kosher and only ate certain things on Fridays. There were many reasons why Central Europeans believed that those of the Jewish faith should not be trusted. With the Soviet Union ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Judaism and Communism: Real Connection or Hyped Up Propaganda Essay)
Judaism and Communism: Real Connection or Hyped Up Propaganda Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1449857-jews-of-germany.
“Judaism and Communism: Real Connection or Hyped Up Propaganda Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1449857-jews-of-germany.
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(See Appendix I – “Even the Youngest Want to Take Hitler’s Picture” – First Image on page 7; Appendix II – “Jobs” – Second Image on page 9) “Total” in the context of propaganda is pertaining to the use of medium when sending out the leader’s messages across a group of audiences which aims to capture and win the support of people5.
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The images associated to propaganda found in this course highlight some of the instances of practice of propaganda. This images include, the image displayed in the third lesson about the young imitating Hitler’s steps and actions, what the Chinese postage stamp implicated in relation to propaganda and finally, the jobs.
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Communism Retreat/Communism Reform
Firstly, two ideals were political. These concentrated on power of the communist party that ensured strict adherence to discipline and political structure.1 Secondly, there were two economic defining features. These were a centralized command economy and the ownership of the means of production by the state.
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In this perspective, religion is considered as a collection of cultural systems and collection of beliefs, as well as global views which relate humanity with specific focus to the order of existence (Kant, 2001). Proceeding further,
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Furthermore, propaganda can only an interactive way to achieve certain purposes. As a result, propaganda is defined as a systematic way to influence certain behaviors, attitudes for attaining the desired response (Jowett and O’Donnell, 1999) Historically as well as currently, propaganda is associated with enemy talking lie (Marlin, 2002).
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This practice has been long established especially in times of war and in some countries during election. Propaganda is used today as it was in the past. However, it has taken many turns in that it is now used in elections (politics) in many countries all over the world to convince the electorate to vote as well as in advertising products.
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North Korea, a communist nation, has been isolated and relies heavily on military spending to support a central dictatorship. Yet, other countries have fared somewhat better. Two ideal examples of a communist nation can be found in our own hemisphere, with Cuba just 50 miles from our shore.
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As the name implies, it is a form of economic governance for the entire community. Communism upholds the fact that the basic needs of the society should be provided
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They did so by helping men to define themselves as defenders of the women and children they left behind, creating the myth of strong men defending weak women, which would appeal to the egos of young men.
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In most cases, people disseminate information without facts. Politicians have used it as a political tool that convinces masses. Propaganda also serves the interest of the senders of the message. According to Jowett, Garth & Victoria (51), propaganda creates
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