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Speech on how to shoot a free throw correctly - Essay Example

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It is also necessary to practice constantly so as to achieve the best. Many players who play basketball need to practice throwing correct free throws in case they are fouled in a basketball game.
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Speech on how to shoot a free throw correctly
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Download file to see previous pages A player then spread the feet with the shoulder width apart to make a free throw stance (Hareas 234).
In order to make a successful free throw, one needs to cradle the ball in the hand which a player uses to shoot. The offhand is later placed on the ball so as to offer support. The ball should be placed on the fingers in that it does not touch the palms of a player’s hand. The knee placed at a bent position and simultaneously raising the ball up straight until it touches the face of the player shooting the ball (Mullin and Brian 423). The elbows put inside the frame of the body makes it difficult for the elbows to point any direction but down as a player is taking a free throw. It is necessary to release the other hand without the balls one aims  to throw the shot. The free throw is supposed to be taken with the hand that is throwing the ball. Bend the back of the wrist until it becomes perpendicular to the court and then releasing the ball without touching the palm (Hareas 234).
A follow through after the throw is needed by maintaining the hands in a release position, way after taking the shot. Lastly, it is vital to stand on the free throw line until the ball touches the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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