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To what degree should organizations depend on the analysis of large databases and other IT resources to formulate basic strategy - Case Study Example

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Big data is the data (unstructured) that is coming from large business processing procedures in companies. This paper will look at how this big data can…
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To what degree should organizations depend on the analysis of large databases and other IT resources to formulate basic strategy
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Extract of sample "To what degree should organizations depend on the analysis of large databases and other IT resources to formulate basic strategy"

Download file to see previous pages Information technology is more often seen to be a tool that is used in making decisions. The type of technology that is in question will determine the types of decision making approach that is being adopted in an organization. With databases and data mining now being adopted widely for many organizations, it is now easier to adopt information technology while making important decisions (Browman 1998). Senior managers are adopting the use of information technology in making very important decisions. Decision making partially relies on the available information and functions that supports the process. For instance, when the objectives of management are absent mainly due to lack of sufficient information, the basis of search will be destabilized. If information search is not done, there will be limited information for comparison thus leading to undesired results (Kueh 2008). The type of information that is required at different levels of management varies. For instance, senior management need information to aid them in business planning, a more detailed information is essential for middle level management to assist them in monitoring and controlling of day-to-day running of the business, and lower level management where majority of the employees lies only require information that will help them administer their duties (Nobel 2010).
It is through organization decision making processes’ complexity information system has been categorized as per the level in which it is addressing. Executive information system is meant to assist top level management is making strategic decisions. The role of this system is collecting, analyzing and summarizing of both internal and external information that can be of benefit to the organization. The Executive Support System does more of analyzing data and tool modeling, for instance, “what if”; this will thus lead them into making a good strategic decision for their organization (Nobel 2010).
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To What Degree Should Organizations Depend on the Analysis of Large Case Study.
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