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Marketing questions - Essay Example

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With the emerging technologies, companies can readily afford to keep records as well as data of their customers without asking them every…
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Marketing questions
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Extract of sample "Marketing questions"

Download file to see previous pages These information’s may include the price of the commodity, date of manufacture and expiry date, nature of the product among other things. These informations provided are very important for both the customers and the companies in realizing the purchasing nature of the customers as well as in setting the prices of the commodities.
Some of the information captured in the card from scanner data includes demographic factors of the client. The demographic data are date of birth and gender; customer’s contact address as well as residential area. They also include the customers name and national identification number. These information’s which are captured are very important for the companies as they help the company to strategize in efforts to enjoy competitive advantages over their competitors. They are useful in designing promotional strategy as it may only allow certain groups of customers who may have the card to enjoy certain discounts from the company. It will therefore be cost effective for the company when they use this cards with all the information contained (Khazanchi and Besley, 2012).
The picture below present the package of choice which provides the good job in providing information related to the benefits of the product, safety, the manufacturer and direction to consumers on how to use the product.
This package is very important to the consumer due to information it has which are relevant to the consumers. It educates the consumers on the ways of managing their weight loss which has become a challenge in the modern society. It does this by educating the consumers on how to do grocery shopping, exercise and smart eating. The product itself is very important in improving the individual’s health and has also been packaged in a bio-degradable package which makes it to be environmental friendly product which brings some benefits to the consumers.
The company producing this package is responsible for a number of community sensation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marketing Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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