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Critical Review of Contemporary NPD Issues - Essay Example

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New Product Development or NPD can be defined as the process through which technical ideas or market needs or opportunities are turned into a new product on to the market(Jan, 2006). This review brings it perspective the modern-day issues of concern about NPD as presented by…
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Critical Review of Contemporary NPD Issues
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Extract of sample "Critical Review of Contemporary NPD Issues"

Download file to see previous pages The latter, on the other hand, focuses on NPD best practices and the standard by which they can be measured or judged.
According to Goffin & Koners (2011), performing case studies were a better method of learning the issues regarding NPD, rather that performing reviews of already done projects. This is because of the accuracy and level of flexibility this method brings along. The authors noted that this method was able to capture more lessons that individuals have learnt from NPD while much of the learning of the Post Projects Review was not captured. This was attributed to the fact that it is hard to capture experiences once they have passed. The results and findings are highly accurate because they are based on what the responses were from the majority of the interviewees.
The data analysis for the case studies was carried out in four stages, some with iteration. This may have been time consuming or expensive, but, on the other hand, it would result to high quality findings which can be compared and contrasted against each other. The first phase was to analyse the repertory grids. The lessons learnt from individuals working on NPD projects were documented and involved issues concerning: organizational complexity, time constraints, budget, learning, problem solving, project objectives, and resources. According to Jan (2006), these are important issues of consideration when an organisation wants to embark on NPD. I view these findings as reliable and accurate. They are based on facts collected first hand and analysed using reliable software.
The second phase was to analyse the minutes of Post-Project Reviews. The 19 minutes of PPRs were coded with extreme care being taken. Detailed understanding was obtained from the repertory grid interviews, and hence the same coding scheme was used for the PPRs minutes. A total of 56 lessons were documented. Unfortunately, only relatively few ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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