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The physical characteristic of a product has an effect to its packaging ability. For example, gases can only be packed using the metal cylinders. The second physical ability that affects the packaging is product…
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Marketing 23rd April, Marketing Questions and Answers How do product characteristics influence packing and material handling consideration?
Products are packed according to the characteristics they posses. The physical characteristic of a product has an effect to its packaging ability. For example, gases can only be packed using the metal cylinders. The second physical ability that affects the packaging is product ability to with stand the elements, for example, salt can be packed on a container that is free from rain. The third is, the density of the product, for example cigarettes can be packed on small packets sine its density is less but a roll of iron sheets will packed differently according to its density. The logistical channel also affects the packing of goods, perishable goods like vegetable since they usually go bad easily. The chemical property of a product also determines its packaging method since certain products are incompatible like watermelon which is sensitive to ethylene is packed from the exposure to these gases.
10- What environmental friendly packing strategies might a firm adopt?
The first strategy being used is the reduction of the packaging material being used. The possible suggestions are using a material which is recyclable and reduces packaging waste. The second is the use of a packaging strategy that is environmental friendly packaging material. The third strategy is the use of reusable containers. Though this cannot be done to all the products but it is advisable for the few that is possible, for example, refilling of glass bottles. The fourth strategy is the supporting and retaining services that collect used packaging and those that recycle it. The third and the fourth strategy add a loop to the supply chain.
12- How can reducing packing influences improve the performance of logistics system?
Transportations is an example of a logistic system. Therefore for effective transportation of products then the reduction of packaging influences its performance as; the reduction in the density of a product will determine the shipping tenderers requests since the load densities makes best . The second is protective packaging reduces the risk of the product being damaged during transit.
18- Of the 10 materials handling principles discuss in this chapter, which two are most surprising to you? Why?
The environmental and the ergonomic principle are the most surprising principle to me. With respect to the environmental principle, this principle is greatly violated today since a lot of produced are not biodegradable hence harmful effects to the society around them. The use of plastic bags is the best example to be used here. The safety of human being has been a point of contention in today’s world. The life of human beings is a point of contention in most firms such as the manufacturing companies where poor workers conditions and ethical working rights are violated. This is the reasons for my surprise.
2-Compare and contrast the fragmented and unified logistics organizational structure?
In a fragmented logistic structure logistics can be managed in multiple departments in the organization while in the unified logistic structure activities are combined and managed in a single department.
In the fragmented structure the logistic activities are managed in several departments not considering the specialty checks of the departments while in the unified structure the departments are organized according to the profession.
5. How is network organizational design manifested in terms of relevancy, responsiveness, and flexibility?
Is important in logistical concern since it improves the flexibility in exercising command this can be achieved by postponing the assembly or labeling waiting for customer’s requirements. An importance of organization networking is to supervisors become responsive to customers’ requirements since the customer has direct link to the company’s executives. The relevance aspect comes when the customers needs is satisfied by facilitating the mutual beneficial relationship. Responsiveness can be achieved through network organization y ensuring that the organization can accommodate the changing customer’s request by having relevant decision makers.
9- What are some potential challenges to improving productivity by getting more output from existing assets?
In some of the logistic operating employees there are unionized; various union contracts provide challenges to improving productivity. The other challenge is improving the output from the available assets. The role played by supervision is also the biggest challenge facing productivity.
19- Discuss the customer trade partnership against terrorism.
Organizations are working together to prevent terrorism through transportation and imports. A private organization has to apply for a certificate; this application is a clear indication of improved security of their container shipment and the ability to track people who have access to shipment. Read More
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