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Mktg - Essay Example

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For instance metal cylinders are adequate packaging for gases, while metal pails can be used to package liquids. Another characteristic that is…
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1- How do product characteristics influence packaging and material handling consideration? The product’s physical characteristics such as solid, liquid, or gas affect the specific packaging requirements of the product. For instance metal cylinders are adequate packaging for gases, while metal pails can be used to package liquids. Another characteristic that is considered in the packaging of a product is the ability of the product to withstand natural elements such as water. For example salt cannot withstand rain, but coal piles can. Product density is another physical characteristic that must be considered in the packaging of a product.
10- What environmentally friendly packaging strategies might a firm adopt?
The use of recycled material is a strategy that is environmentally friendly because it reduces the need to use natural resources such as petroleum for packaging purposes. Another environmentally friendly packaging strategy is to reduce the amount of packaging material used. Companies can use environmentally friendly raw materials in their packaging process. Firm can also utilize reusable containers.
12- How can reducing packaging influence improve the performance of logistics system?
Packaging specifications determined by product density encourage shippers to tender loads in densities that make the best use of the equipment’s weight and volume capabilities. Carrier specifications for protective packaging reduce the likelihood of damage to products while they are being carried.
18- Of the 10 materials handling principles discuss in this chapter, which two are most surprising to you? Why?
A principle that I found surprising out of the 10 material handling principles discussed in the chapter is the life cycle cost principle. I did not realize that companies have to pay close attention to the useful life of the equipment used for packaging. A second principle that I found surprising was the automation principle. To me automation was a technique that was only used for production purposes.
2- Compare and contrast the fragmented and unified logistics organizational structure?
In a fragmented logistic structure logistic activities are managed in multiple departments throughout an organization. A unified logistic structure is different because the logistic functions are handled by a single department. The unified logistic structure is better positioned than the fragmented structure to achieve coordination among the various activities.
5- From a logistics perspective, how is network organizational design manifested in terms of relevancy, responsiveness, and flexibility?
Relevancy can be facilitated by developing mutually beneficial relationships with key customers. Responsiveness reflects the degree to which an organization can accommodate unique or unplanned customer requests. Flexibility is predicated on avoiding early commitment to an irreversible course of action.
9- What are some potential challenges to improving productivity by getting more output from existing assets?
One asset related productivity concern involves space utilization, or the percent of available space that is actually being used. Excess capacity can be unproductive because it may result in the purchase of additional equipment or facilities. A second asset related productivity concern focuses on improving the output from existing assets.
19- Discuss the Customer Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)?
The Customer Trade Partnership Against Terrorism encourages public and private organizations to work together to prevent terrorism in the United States through imports and transportation. Private organizations have to apply to become certified by the C-TPAT. To become certified the process involves demonstrating that the organization has improved the physical security of their containerized shipments as well as the ability to track people who have access to the containerized shipments. Read More
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Mktg Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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