The Future of Power & When China Rules the World: Rise of China power and decline of U.S. power - Assignment Example

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As states or geopolitical entities continue to relate, state interests and goals are greatly kept in focus. Although states readily convey their multilateral relations as cordial, the…
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The Future of Power & When China Rules the World: Rise of China power and decline of U.S. power
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, with the continued aggression which other countries such as China and Russia exhibit and the gains that they are registering from their commitments, political scientists and economists are postulating that America ceding power as the world leader is a matter of certainty. Being astute debaters and scholars, political scientists Joseph S. Nye and Martin Jacques are categorical that not only is America gradually waning in strength, but they also wax poignant that China is the country that is taking over the custody of world power.
Both Joseph S. Nye and Martin Jacques discuss questions over the rise of China (power) and US decline (power) in The Future of Power (2011) and When China Rules the World: the Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World (2012) respectively. They cite a number of developments and controversies that are unfolding concerning this covert, yet not so readily perceptible development and competition in world trade, politics and diplomacy, as shall be seen forthwith.
One can take the words of Joseph S. Nye Jr. very seriously on several accounts. For one, Nye served as the chairman of the National Intelligence Council during Bill Clinton’s regime and still serves as Harvard professor of political science and international relations. Martin Jacques on the other hand is a former editor for British magazine and academician. Jacques studied at Manchester University and got his PhD from King’s College, which is in Cambridge. Jacques has served as a senior editor, for many magazines such as The Independent, The Times, The Sunday Times, Marxism Today, The New Statesman, and The Guardian, being responsible mainly for political articles. He is currently a visiting professor with many universities such as the London School of Economics, Renmin University and the National University of Singapore.
Joseph Nye says that unlike the era of John F. Kenned ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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