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Individual Personal Reflection Paper - Assignment Example

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Critical thinking refers to the skillful and active process of conceptualization, application, and analysis of information that leads to a certain course of action or belief. This information could be obtained through observation, experience, internalization, or reasoning…
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Individual Personal Reflection Paper
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Extract of sample "Individual Personal Reflection Paper"

Individual Personal Reflection Individual Personal Reflection Critical thinking refers to the skillful and active process of conceptualization, application, and analysis of information that leads to a certain course of action or belief. This information could be obtained through observation, experience, internalization, or reasoning (Hamby, 2007). It involves a high level of reasoning in the most fair-minded approach and depends on the motivation behind it. It is wholly dependent on the intellectual tools, which include; purpose, ideas, support, assumptions and biases, conclusions, point of view and analysis.
I have learnt that Critical thinking, among other things, makes one think rationally and with more clarity irrespective of the field one is in; education, law, medicine, finance, or management. Critical thinking is a vital component as it enhances problem solving and proper thinking and can thus be termed as an asset. Secondly, it enables a person to have excellent communication skills. It improves language and comprehension abilities by aiding in the analysis of texts. Furthermore, critical thinking leads to self-reflection since we are able to reflect on our values and make proper decisions. With the changing, economic times which is driven by technology and information one needs to be able to effectively deal with these changes. This requires analysis of information thus pushing for intellectual skills, which we have learnt in this course.
Since the start of this course, my critical thinking has vastly improved. It has helped me to think rationally and view things from a different perspective. I can now carefully reflect on my principles of reasoning and internalize them therefore, making me apply it in my day-to-day life. I am now in a position to expose fallacies and avoid faulty reasoning. I am able to come up with solutions to problems in a systematic way and prioritize ideas based on their importance. I have also been able to clearly come up with constructive arguments and evaluate them. More so, I am able to break down information into their constituent parts and logically understand the connections, relevance, and importance of these ideas.
In the beginning, I was at the stage of unreflective thinker where I was unaware of significant problems in thinking, but so far I have advanced and I am now in the practicing thinker level. I feel I am at this level since I have recognized the need for regular practice in thinking. I am in a better position to solve problems by using the information that I have. However, limited it may be and to further deduce probable consequences from what I know. Since I have learnt that I can constantly improve my reasoning abilities, I feel I am a practicing thinker. This change occurred due to a proper understanding of critical thinking skills and more work accomplishment.
Critical thinking is a long term process that is gradual and for me to attain the level of a master thinker I need to determine areas of my life that need improvement such as intellectual values, need to be well informed, fair-mindedness and flexibility. It calls for the need to know what one wants and setting a period as well as being aware of personal lenses to avoid bias and distortions. It will require continuous self-evaluation and proper acquisition of information from reliable sources.

Hamby, B.W. (2007) The Philosophy of Anything: Critical Thinking in Context. Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, Dubuque Iowa Read More
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Individual Personal Reflection Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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