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The disease can lead to disabilities, reproductive problems, accelerated metabolic and vascular diseases, and depression (Satter and Lean 2007). Finding methods for using the workings of the body in…
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The new atkins diet
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Download file to see previous pages The diet allows for portion control and an explanation of how the restriction of carbohydrates can be beneficial to people. There is evidence that restricting carbohydrates can be beneficial to those looking to lose weight, with further evidence that restricted carbohydrates can help with diseases such as those involving seizures, Alzheimer’s or type 2 diabetes. Restricting carbohydrates, however, can be seen as restricting the body from some of the food items needed to have a balanced diet. The consideration of the New Atkins Diet is controversial and is likely not a good recommendation for a patient in search of healthy weight control.
One of the first things that the writers of the New Atkins Diet state is that the diet was once a fad, but has been proven medically safe for those needing to lose weight (Westman, Phinney and Volek 2010, p. x). Westman, Phinney, and Volek (2010, p. xi) also go on to describe the benefits of low carbohydrate diets to the management of Alzheimer’s, autism, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and brain tumours. The authors do go on to say that there are a great many people, both medical professionals and layman, who do not believe that the Atkin’s form of eating is healthy or practical, but in pursuing their goals to fight obesity, they believe that the once ‘fad’ diet has the potential to revolutionize the lifestyles of those who adhere to their concepts. Looking at the framework within which the eating style is based can begin to reveal whether or not the diet is valuable as a tool for weight loss. Figure 1 is a diagram pyramid that shows how foods should be considered in a low carb diet.
As the food lifestyle is explained, it is clear that the hope for this version is to make the consumer understand that the diet is not about eating nothing but “beef, bacon, and butter” (Westman, Phinney, and Volek 2010, p. xv). In Dr. Atkins book of 2002 which further explored his theories on weight loss, the diet is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The New Atkins Diet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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