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It was observed that during 2004, several questions were raised about the nutrition level served by Disney at its entertainment parks and other food stores. The food manufacturers, media outlets and…
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Download file to see previous pages esity among children in the United States and Europe due to eating fast food that are produced and sold at Disney theme parks and outlets (Bell & Winig, 2009).
It was gathered from the case study that more than 65% of Americans are obese and similar trend has been observed in children as well. From studies, it was found that a majority of the advertisements that are aired for influencing children are related to high calorie and fat food items such as, candy, soft drinks, fries and other fast food and sweetened cereals. It was also noticed that when a certain food was endorsed using cartoon characters, children insisted on purchasing those, more for the character than the food. Researches revealed that there was a huge gap between preference of parents and that of children regarding the nature of food. Children preferred eating those foods that their peers preferred, while mothers selected nutritious food for them.
The case study also suggests that initially, when Disney sold food and beverages in their entertainment parks and outlets, they had only considered enjoyment entailed with the eatables over the nutrition factor. Therefore, their eatables included ice cream, candy, pizza and pasta. According to Disney, they related food as a lifestyle over a source of nutrition prior to the criticisms (Bell & Winig, 2009).
People buy or consume fast food because these food items look attractive and taste good. Moreover, fast food is available at a reasonable cost while the volume is comparatively high. The company can introduce servings of salads and fruits along with basic meal. Introduction of salad along with high calorie meal will help in adding nutrition along with satisfying their taste buds.
The company replaces its fast food products with healthier whole meal choices but with reduced variety. On a small scale production, it will be expensive, but if the company integrates suppliers and farmers from different parts of the world who are involved in fresh produce, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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