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In accordance to the cartoon, the food type presented implies elevated lifestyles, although it cannot be considered healthful. Most people within developed countries…
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Human Ecology
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Part Different individuals possess dissimilar eating habits, considering various factors such as the economic status. In accordance to the cartoon, the food type presented implies elevated lifestyles, although it cannot be considered healthful. Most people within developed countries have deprived eating habits that usually contribute to numerous diseases related to poor food uptake. The food presented through the cartoon implies that the individual depend on junk foods that are often responsible for the unhealthy populace evident in developed countries.
The typical food that the majority of the populace in the U.S take up is junk foods and soft drinks (Sarah, 2011). According to various studies undertaken regarding food consumption within the U.S, approximately a third of the total calories are obtained through junk foods (Adams, 2004). This can be associated with the elevated cases of obesity among the U.S populace.
Conversely, LDC for instance Haiti depend on indigenous diets that often offer diverse nutrients thus providing balanced calories for the populace. However, the diets that LDCs obtain have little animal-related food sources, although the small amounts meet biochemical demands (Molnar & Iva, 2000). In return, the populace has managed to maintain proper health, thus reducing cases of diseases for instance obesity within its populace.
Diets often vary with reference to regions with rural diets being healthful matched with urban diets. Urban diets are deprived since families depend on junk foods while rural families take up traditional diets that are considered superior. Though wealthy communities have most options regarding their diets; they often misuse these options and opt to take up the least nutritious meals or take up excessively. The diets vary with regard to economic capabilities, lifestyles and regional preferences.
Part 2
Diseases have an impact both at individual and societal levels since certain diseases may be communicable. Additionally, once a disease affects an individual, the society suffers since it cannot obtain the services that the individual offers within the community or other economical contributions. Therefore, diseases affect both the individuals together with the community that this individual serves.
Currently, inadequate water supply has hit most regions across the globe threatening to trigger disease outbreaks commonly related to sanitation. These diseases may include cholera that has profound impacts on individuals together with the populace. Additionally, numerous disease outbreaks regarding chronic diseases have progressively augmented in developing and developed states calling for a probe into the problem (Molnar & Iva, 2000). In response, community health systems ought to trim down risks via heath promotion. Health promotion serves to disseminate health information to the populace concerning reduction of risks associated to certain diseases. Additionally, prologue of local policies can considerably decline risks ascribed to various diseases.
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