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These are Colonel Saito and Colonel Nicholson. Among these two leaders, there exist different sources of each of their base of power with their dependants. For instance, with Saito, there is a…
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DISCUSSION Source of each leaders base of leadership Two major leaders are identified in this case study (The Bridge on the River Kwai). These are Colonel Saito and Colonel Nicholson. Among these two leaders, there exist different sources of each of their base of power with their dependants. For instance, with Saito, there is a personal base of power, whereby he wants to extol himself as a leader on personal wellbeing grounds. Nicholson on the other hand is more formal and would want the exact procedures of military practice to be followed. He for instance would ensure that officers who are not supposed to take part in communal labor are exempted.
influence tactics used with each other
Among the two leaders, Saito used forceful tactics over Colonel Nicholson. In management studies, there are autocratic leaders who often think that they can get their orders through with force (Gardener, 2003). This is exactly the tactics that Saito employed over Nicholson when he slapped Nicholson with a copy of the Geneva Convention that Nicholson was criticizing him with. On the part of Nicholson, his tactics was that of logical intuition whereby he played on the logical reasoning of Saito when he refused release from the oven by Clipton.
Influence tactic used with their dependants group
The individual influence tactics used by the two leaders on their dependants was not different from what they used against themselves. Saito in all means stamped his authority through force whiles Nicholson was more gentle and logical with his dependants. An evidence of this was when Nicholson agreed to the building of the bridge on what could be described as a humanitarian grounds than on a leadership grounds. It is not surprising therefore that Nicholson had a simple aim of completing the bridge as an example of the ingenuity and hard work of his Army. As for Saito, all he was seeking to avoid was the looming seppuku.
each leader’s goal on both personal and organizational grounds
On a personal ground, Saito wanted to avoid seppuku and on organizational grounds, he wanted to show his supremacy over his people. On the part of Colonel Nicholson, his personal goal was to exemplify the unique gift of creativity and hard work with which the British Army worked. This goal was set despite the fact that he was indeed working to favor the Japanese more than the British. On an organizational ground, his goal was to ensure evenness and allow the full rigors of the law to operate.
Importance of each leader’s goal on their behavior
In leadership and management studies, leaders’ behaviors are influenced by the goals and vice versa. Leaders who want to be autocratic often have a hardened behavior that gives little room for other people to express themselves. Clearly, the evidence of this was seen in the two leaders as Saito was more violent and wicked in behavior. For him to be able to slap Nicholson with a book and put him in an oven, it was a behavior that was of importance to his goal of stamping his authority over his followers and winning their favor. Nicholson on the other hand was a more thoughtful person and this was important for his goal of ensuring all-inclusiveness through democratic dialogue with his people.
Achievement of either personal or organizational goals
To a large extent, Nicholson achieved his personal goal because the completion of the project brought him so much joy and satisfaction. Saito on the other hand died through the painful way and this was a defeat of his personal goal of reining as a supreme.
Gardener, George. Management Principles for Modern Practice. London: Sage Publications Limited. 2003. Print. Read More
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