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Multi-Agency Working and Career Development in the Human Services - Essay Example

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Their main objective is to improve, to offer solutions to problems and also to maintain and sustain the welfare of the community. It seeks quality delivery of services,…
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Multi-Agency Working and Career Development in the Human Services
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Extract of sample "Multi-Agency Working and Career Development in the Human Services"

Download file to see previous pages Employees’ roles in organizations dealing with the above differ significantly. However, all that is required for employees is to assist individuals and communities faced with the above challenges function in the best way possible.
In a human service organization that deals with the bettering of the lives of street children and orphans such as St. Michael’s orphanage, a social worker is expected to have the ability to evaluate the different challenges that face the patients in question. He should also show patience, understanding and, care when dealing with children since they all require specific attention since their backgrounds vary, and thus, is their problems.
An employee in such an organization should have the ability to identify, analyze and select interventions that are appropriate in helping the organization attain its goals and also help the patients in finding a solution to their problems. This may include social assistance, guiding and counseling as well as encouragement. It requires an understanding of the organization values and goals, ethics of the human service and also the approval of the patients’ lifestyle (Renee, 2012, 4).
The worker should be in a position to come up with an action plan, for an identified problem and also implement it. This, therefore, calls for the ability and knowledge to analyze problems, decisions and design work plans (Renee, 2012, p.4).
The social worker should show high accountability and coordination abilities with other agencies and professionals in the delivering of services. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills is another quality that the social worker should not lack. The job calls for self discipline, timely management and self motivation to be able to carry out his/her role effectively and efficiently. Should also be ready to attend court hearings, thus knowledge on human rights and law is an added advantage (Renee, 2012, p.4).
Nonetheless, the worker is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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