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Money is the Root of Good - Essay Example

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It is should be divisible and portable in order to make business easy and fast. In ancient time, barter trade was the main mode of transactions. Business was conducted in form of barter trade. The parties involved had…
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Money is the Root of Good
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Download file to see previous pages Ancient people graduated from Barter trade to using precious metal coins as their form of money. Gold, silver, bronze among other metals served as money in the olden days. Today, money is accepted as physical currency made of paper and coins. The growing technology has also introduced an acceptable business platform that involves online trade where currency is rarely used. These transformations aim at making exchange of goods and services easy. Even though there are various evils associated with money, money’s goodness outweighs its associated evils, thus money is the root of good stands.
In the ancient world when money had not been introduced, traders used to engage in barter trade whereby goods were exchange for goods based on mutually inverse needs. It was difficult to agree on the value of goods to be exchanged due to quantity and quality differences. Traders needed to come up with a material that would be used to stop the direct exchange of goods. Money stepped in to determine the value of various goods. Moreover, it was widely accepted. It is divisible and trade has been easy since its introduction in the markets (Wollenberg para 1).
Money is any acceptable material of exchange in a transaction. In a hypothetical situation, absence of money would mean that there wouldn’t be any platform to conduct trade. People would acquire goods from others by forceful means. Money has enabled trade thus it is good (Wollengerg para 2). Anything used rightfully and fairly is good. This includes money and general wealth. Wollenberg tells of a story of a poor man whose generosity elevated his financial status in the community but once he became rich, selfishness stepped in.
Shannon Christman, in her article “why money is not the root of all evil” argues that its not money that causes evil but the love for money. Christman suggests that if money was the root off all evil, then religious people would be striving hard to be as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Money Is the Root of Good Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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