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The Donkey and the food chain - Essay Example

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Once there existed a beautiful lush green forest, which was inhabited by a variety of animals.The animals living in this forest were primarily of two types that are herbivores or the animals who depended on plants for their food and carnivores or the animals who were meat eaters and hunted other animals to get their food…
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The Donkey and the food chain
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Extract of sample "The Donkey and the food chain"

of the of the Teacher 12 June 2009 The Donkey and the Food Chain Once there existed a beautiful lush green forest, which was inhabited by a variety of animals. The animals living in this forest were primarily of two types that are herbivores or the animals who depended on plants for their food and carnivores or the animals who were meat eaters and hunted other animals to get their food. Everybody living in the forest enjoyed a unique place in the food chain and nobody had any problem with this natural arrangement.
One day an old donkey came into this forest. Actually, a peasant living in the neighboring village owned this donkey, who had abandoned the donkey in the forest as he had grown old and was no more of any use. This new guest in the jungle soon became aware of the natural food chain existing in the forest. Being used to the artificial ways of the man, the donkey simply refused to accept the ways of nature. He demanded that the carnivores should stop hunting other animals for food. Very soon, he succeeded in assuming the leadership of a small group of herbivores, who supported his drive for change.
In the same forest lived a fierce lioness. She commanded the top rank in the food chain and all the animals were scared of her. One day, the lioness gave birth to two small cubs. One day, when the lioness returned home from her hunting, she found her cubs missing. "I must ask other animals if they have seen my cubs", the lioness decided. "I am sure one of them will help me to find out the cubs," the lioness roared, but no animal turned up because of fear. She became worried.
Then, suddenly, she saw the old donkey coming towards her. The lioness requested the old donkey to help her find her cubs. The donkey started preaching the lioness and strongly advised her against hunting other animals for food. He told the lioness that if she agreed to his advice, he would help her in finding her cubs. Being desperate, the lioness agreed to whatever the donkey said. Both of them started looking for the lost cubs. It did not take much time for her to trace her cubs. For a few days, she kept in mind the advice of the old donkey.
One day, when the donkey was preaching the lioness and her cubs against hunting animals for food, she and her cubs got hungry. Despite her best efforts, the lioness could not resist her hunger and natural instinct. Therefore, she pounced upon the foolish donkey and he ended up becoming the meal of the lioness and her cubs.
Once the old donkey was no more there to preach, the animals reverted to the natural food chain, and once again harmony and peace returned to the forest.
Moral: It is good to have new ideas, but one must respect the ways of nature. Read More
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