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Special probation/parole client and programs - Assignment Example

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Parole is a word most commonly used in the criminal justice department, or just in the justice department ( judicial process can be criminal or civil), to indicate a suspended jail term or period, for a convicted offender. It has its origins in the Anglo- French wars, where the…
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Special probation/parole client and programs
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Extract of sample "Special probation/parole client and programs"

Download file to see previous pages He came up with a plan that would prepare the prisoners to come back to join the society. This was a three stage program where the prisoners would undergo. If they satisfied the conditions, they would remain free, but if they broke one of the conditions, they would go back to prison and start all over again. Special parole is considered a little bit different from the normal parole, because it is stricter than the normal parole. Here the special parole is passed upon the offender, on the day of the judgment of the convicted person. Instead of being the end of a sentence as in normal parole, following the good performance of a prisoner, inside prison, special parole is a continuation of the jail term, but outside of prison. It is important not to confuse this special parole with probation. The major difference between these two us that, while probation is not a continuation of the jail term, special parole is. Probation is when, say after being given a five year sentence, a prisoner may get out after two years, to go out on probation for the rest of the sentence, and can remain out of jail, if they fulfill the conditions of probation satisfactorily. If the convicted person who is out of probation fails to fulfill one of the conditions, he may be taken back to court, his probation revoked, and he will serve the three years he had not served in prison, when he got out of probation ( Mendecino, 2010). When one is on special parole, using the jail term of the previous example (five year sentence), he may be given a special parole on the day of judgment, where he may be taken to prison, and say released to serve his special parole after two years of prison. When the person gets out, he will be supervised by officers, to ensure that he fulfills the conditions spelt out by the judge. If the officers are not certified by the performance of the person during this period, he may be taken back to face the probation department, and he will serve his remaining time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Special probation/Parole Client and Programs Assignment)
Special probation/Parole Client and Programs Assignment.
“Special probation/Parole Client and Programs Assignment”, n.d.
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