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Improving Palm Chemist Systems To Cope With The Expansion Needs - Essay Example

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Palmcy chemist is one of the leading pharmaceutical providers in Africa and gulf region. It is counted as one of the leading suppliers of I.V generic drugs. The firm is mainly focused on the Hemodialysis, Intravenous and tropical drugs therapy and care of chronically affected persons within and outside hospital; setting…
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Improving Palm Chemist Systems To Cope With The Expansion Needs
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Download file to see previous pages Through its continuous growing demand in the products required by its clients, the company is building a big pharmaceutical store which will be conducted in three phases. With this demand, it is no doubt that the firm requires a technological system that is secure and efficient to ensure timely distribution of its products. The firm therefore requires a secure system that connects the entire departments and track sales of all the products.
The first phase of the Palmcy chemist was a detailed demonstration of electronic messaging through the use of the GSI system within its supply chain management. The demonstration showed the successful application of bar coding and messaging of various departments of ordering, packing, dispatching and receipting of various products as manufactured by the company. Some of the benefits which were recorded during phase one included reduction in the time of receipt time by 25%, embracement of technology by the staff members and enhanced accuracy. The second phased focused on the broadening of the first phase through the expansion of the project implementation scope, project team, and reduced difficulties during the implementation.
The areas of implementation of the system were mainly identified in the second phase. They were mainly driven by some of the learning in the first phase, which includes
- Identification and the bar coding of various pharmaceutical; and related products as manufactured by Palmcy chemist. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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