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Motivation, preparation and experiences of teaching Headteachers in Retirement in Ireland - Essay Example

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In a research study, the main aim is to be able to understand a certain field or practice and activity (Brown & Dowling, 2001, p. 7). Researchers…
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Motivation, preparation and experiences of teaching Headteachers in Retirement in Ireland
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Extract of sample "Motivation, preparation and experiences of teaching Headteachers in Retirement in Ireland"

Download file to see previous pages By following a well a systematic collection, data analysis and interpretation (Cohen & Manion, 1994, p. 40; Marshall and Rossman, 1999, p. 21: McMillan & Schumacher, 2001, p. 35), undertaken by inductive analytical strategies (McMillan & Schumacher, 2001; Ritchie & Lewis, 2003).
A review of pertinent literature provides a prediction that the number of principal retirees in Ireland. The growing numbers of them, in light of motivating factors like age and health provides an opportunity for researchers to conduct research studies on this topical issue.
In chapter 1 as indicated, the motivation, preparation and experiences of individual head teachers are investigated. This will satisfactorily be studied by the researchers as they seek to build on the hypothesis. This hence indicates that the research study is explanatory, exploratory and descriptive in its natural setting (Babbie & Mouton, 2001, pp. 79-81; Marshall & Rossman, 1999, p. 33.).
The exploratory part of the study seeks and aims to investigate the underresearched phenomena, with a sole aim of developing and providing an understanding, shading more light and providing substantive arguments in s research area least understood. In essence, this research consequently provides a platform and invents new ideas for conducting further research. In respect to further research, scientific determination and identification of argumentative categories of hypothetically proven meaning is achieved. In such cases, more knowledge is added in identifying plausible relationships that shape up phenomenon (Marshall & Rossman, 1999, p. 33). The research is descriptive as it describes underlines and documents complexities associated with the phenomena under research, how personalities influence it, differences in opinions on critical issues and the extent to which opinion differences defines and influences the outcome (Merriam, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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