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Negotiation Paper - Assignment Example

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In many of the cases of negotiations, the main problem arises when one person anchors him or herself, thus causing the other party to negotiate on that one particular area. It shows that people can bargain over positions only, and in this way can be led to focus on one aspect…
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Negotiation Paper
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GETTING TO A YES Written by Presented to [teacher’s In partial fulfillment of the requirements of [program GETTING TO A YES
In many of the cases of negotiations, the main problem arises when one person anchors him or herself, thus causing the other party to negotiate on that one particular area. It shows that people can bargain over positions only, and in this way can be led to focus on one aspect rather than the entire whole of the situation (Downs, 2009).
For example, a nurse recently gave an interview for the post vacant for many weeks in a hospital. She knew that the hospital was in a desperate state trying to find a relevant person, and it may be able to give her the amount of pay that she wanted. To begin with, however, the nurse stated her primary concern that she would only work with $X per month. The organization was planning to pay $Y per month, however, the amount stated by $X was significantly less. In this way, by falsely anchoring her self, the nurse was now in a weak position to get only what she had asked for.
The hospital had a BATNA now. It was able to see that should it state an amount of $Z that was near to the amount X that the nurse had wanted, that organization would be able to reach an agreement at a much lower price than what it intended to pay. Here the focus now shifted more towards material interests of getting the nurse to agree for the new amount. If the nurse did not agree, the organization could simply walk away with it.
When faced with the new amount, the nurse realized that she had been made an offer that in fact was not much to her liking. At this point she got emotional, since she felt that the organization was using her. Here the organization was only pressing on a statement given by the nurse to them before. However, the nurse now realizing her mistake was now feeling emotional. The organization here realized that her needs were mostly for material needs and to satisfy the physical needs of food, hunger and material safety. At this point the nurse was not interested in achieving a sense of personal well being. Here the organization thought of providing certain material gains to her to generate her interest. It offered her free lunch and commute and highlighted how it would help reduce her costs from her pay. In this way, it tried to highlight a common ground for both the organization and the nurse. By providing the nurse with her basic needs as per Maslow’s hierarchy, the organization was able to convince the nurse to take up the position at a rate that was much less than the original amount the organization had planned in the first place.
The art of negotiation therefore, relies heavily on the ability of both parties to remain flexible and not getting anchored to one basic requirement, which can later on affect the quality of negotiation reached.
Downs L J, 2009.Negotiation Skills Training. American Society for Training and Development, 2009. Read More
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(Negotiation Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Negotiation Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Negotiation Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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