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Impaired Nurse - Essay Example

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Some abuse alcohol to hide the stress they experience at work. This stress (Oncology Nurses) may result from caring for their patients who suffer from cancer. The article can be said to have achieved its…
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Impaired Nurse
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Download file to see previous pages This has led to them developing a close relationship as coworkers. They therefore often meet after work for cocktails (Scott, 2010).
Her friends consider her therefore to be the “life of the party”. This could be attributed to her drinking. The same friends she drinks with believe she is in the edge of a problematic behavior. Unfortunately none of the friends have considered to mention this to her. It is known that this could compromise her personal safety (impaired driving) (Naegle, 1998). With her friends considering her to be fun to be around with, they dare not help her hence the partying will continue. She is known to be an excellent nurse and at the same time a hardworking person (Scott, 2010). She even volunteers for extra shifts during her extra free time. The research from the journal shows also that 18 million Americans suffer from alcohol abuse.
History also shows that this huge numbers of persons suffering from alcoholism have family history with problems of drinking. The exact number of nurses who abuse alcohol is not known. But, a big number of professional nurses assumed to have a problem with drinking is 6 to 10 percent (Naegle, 1998). This problem has led to the nurses been impaired. In the end the patient have to fear for their own well being while the nurses need intervention to protect them from inflicting personal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impaired Nurse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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