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US Role in the ME - Assignment Example

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According to the Collins World Dictionary, stability refers to the quality or state of being stable, especially in resistance to deterioration, displacement, or change. It is the constancy of purpose, order, or character. Due to the vastness of energy resources, especially oil,…
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US Role in the ME
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Extract of sample "US Role in the ME"

US Role in the Middle East Introduction According to the Collins World Dictionary, stability refers to the quality orstate of being stable, especially in resistance to deterioration, displacement, or change. It is the constancy of purpose, order, or character. Due to the vastness of energy resources, especially oil, in the Middle East and the Gulf block, which form the backbone of the western economies, involvement and influence with the aim of maintain stability in the region has become paramount more so for the US and other European super powers such as Russia, UK, ad France. The US has for decades been involved in affairs of the Middle East with the aim of ensuring stability, democracy, and fostering economic relationships with countries in this region. However, the main aim of the US involvement and influence does not seem to be stability or democracy, but rather, control of the rich oil resource from this region (Shah).
Thesis Statement
The US or any other Western super power should not be directly involved in the affairs of the Middle East and the Gulf region because their involvement is for their own economic benefit but not for the persons living there.
Major Ideas
1. The involvement of the Americans apparently is meant to foster stability in the region. In essence, this so called stability benefits only the Americans, and other western superpowers.
Minor Ideas
This so sought of stability is meant to perpetuate status quo which is good for America and other western super powers but it is very bad for other very many Middle Easterners who have to pay the price.
Evidence – more than 3 million Palestinians live without rights under the mercy of Israeli rule.
Stability in the Middle East implies perpetuating the very bad situation in the Middle East where innocent civilians exists without any rights, dignity, hope, and dignity.
Evidence – since 1948, Palestinian refugee are living in Arab countries in camps in very deplorable conditions.
In the so called stability involves worthless civil wars, wars between countries, represses free thought, struggle for freedom, and self determination. There is totally no growth or development, no achievement opportunities and no benefits accruing for the masses whose situation is thought of as stable. As long there is no disturbance as the Americans want, the Middle Eastern continue to live in oppression and poverty, and they are stable (Levy).
Evidence – just as Africa, the Middle East is a region very rich in human and natural resource and yet it is the second most backward region after Africa simply because of the interference and unwanted involvement of the west.
2. The so sought for stability in the middle East encompasses millions of Arabs and hinders development of democracy for the locals.
Minor Points
Most Arabs are living under evil tyrannies and criminal regimes in the name of the stability
Evidence – stable Morocco and Jordan, the darlings of the America and the greater west, innocent civilians are afraid of raising their voices or uttering in criticism words against the rulers.
The citizens of these regions can not oppose bad rule in the stable nations as perceived by the U.S and the west since they actions would be seen to be disturbing the peace and yet, they continue to languish in abject poverty.
Evidence – in stable Syria, any sign of opposition is repressed.
3. Let the people of the Middle East liberate themselves and fight for their own democracy, rights, and transform their nations.
Minor Points
The stability in this region is unjust given that it only fosters the interest of the west including America and yet ignoring the well being and welfare of innocent civilians.
The West have put corrupt Arab leaders in power and supported the overthrowing of those leaders that they have considered as unfavorable so as to maintain their superiority, influence and control over the region. In addition, this has served to put the population of these countries at bay and in return those leaders have received personal wealth, power, and militarization (Shah). This has been perpetuated in the name of fighting communism and terrorism but the underlying truth is that it has been a struggle to access and control of important energy resources such as oil.
Evidence – The ousting of Gaddaffi and the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein may be seen as acts of fighting communism, fostering democracy, but the underlying truth is the struggle for control of access to important energy resources.
The west has managed to ensure that the region is highly militarized and most sales for arms in the world happen there. Most American security and arms dealing firms operate in the Middle East. The US influence is thus being seen by a suppressed group of people as the root course of the problems facing them.
Evidence - acts of terrorism, Islamic militancy, and anti-west sentiments have risen such as Al-Qaida due to the perceived role of the US in the regions current problems.
The US should not be involved in the affairs of the Middle East since their involvement and influence is only for their own benefit. It is true that, they should let the Middle Eastern countries handle their own business as far as control of their resources, political democracy, and well being is concerned. The Middle East region would be better without the involvement or influence of the US or the West especially in terms of development and democracy given its richness in natural resources.
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US Role in the ME Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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