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The main question from Armstrong’s work Chapter five pages 141 to 156, is whether or not industrialization after the arrival of the West (1750-2000) created the need for economic expansion (Ali 196). The colonization and industrialization forced the Middles East and Western…
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Middle east and west Asia Reading
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Middle East And West Asia Reading The main question from Armstrong’s work Chapter five pages 141 to 156,is whether or not industrialization after the arrival of the West (1750-2000) created the need for economic expansion (Ali 196). The colonization and industrialization forced the Middles East and Western nations to search for new markets to trade the products/services. During this era, there resulted in the colonization of agrarian countries outside the boundaries of Europe. In addition, the colonization of the west caused painful and disturbing consequences on the indigenous societies. Modernization and industrialization was accompanied by loss of independence.
Response 1
At the beginning of the 17th century, Japan used to exclude itself from all contact with any other nation (Annika & Bo 63). The warriors, samurai army and damaiyo used to offer protection to the peasants. During 1867, the Meiji ruling realized the ways of encountering the influence of the west, which was through modernization. It is this duration that the Japanese decided to select what was best from the Western civilization and practiced in the state. The Middle East also suffered from forced modernization where the nation had to learn the smooth acceptance of modernization and industrialization (Ashok & Sisodia 50). The modernization programs complemented the political and economic considerations under different cultural and social grounds. A major approach was to shut off illiteracy in the Middle East during forced modernization.
Response 2
The arrival of the west impacted on the Islamic world where it reduced to Europe-dependent bloc. The Muslims rejected the European paradigm and the felt humiliated because the Palestine lost to Zionism (Annika & Bo 63). The religious, economic, political and social structures forced the Muslims to make irreversible progress such as industrial production, ideals of democracy & progress, social modernization, investment capital and technology.
Work cited
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Middle East and West Asia Reading Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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