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On line data sources( 330) - Essay Example

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Some of them include natural causes, accidents and at the same time there may be the intentional taking of a person’s life. Homicide is one of the ways of terminating a person’s life. Simply put it is the…
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On line data sources( 330)
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Homicide There are several ways through which the lives of people can be ended. Some of them include natural causes, accidentsand at the same time there may be the intentional taking of a person’s life. Homicide is one of the ways of terminating a person’s life. Simply put it is the taking of the life of another person. There are some countries in the world where the homicide rate is low and at the same time there are some countries where the rates of homicide are surprisingly high.
It should be well understood that when it comes to perpetrating certain acts there are bound to be reasons behind the acts that are undertaken by people. In this same case, there are various reasons as to why people carry out homicide attacks. The primary reason is that there is a lacking of something or on the other hand there may be a need in something. There are quite a number of questions that an individual can ask when it comes to this issue of homicide.
1. Is there a relationship between levels of education and homicide rates?
There is some relationship in this connection. The first reason is that when a child lacks the necessary education he may end up failing and not graduating. This brings lack of a way of fending for himself. The next option may be to resort to crime, in this case violent crime.
2. Is there any consistent relationship between economic indicators and homicide rates? If so, which ones?
In this particular case also there is a relationship. Poverty is the center of focus in this case. It is seen that when a person is living in a society where poverty is prevalent there is bound to be the feeling of coming up with a way of earning a living. (Williams, 2007) It may be pretty hard to find legitimate ways of doing this. What people opt for is the easy way out. This is particularly to do with crime. In the course of criminal activities the individuals may end up resorting in violent activities that may be detrimental to others and in this particular case such an act may be homicide.
3. Are there are other demographic, social, or technological indicators reported that appear to be related to homicide rates in these high- and low-homicide rate countries?
At the same time there are other reasons that may trigger homicide cases in the society. One of this is the urge to fit into a given group. This is an act which is particularly conducted by individuals in gangs or criminal groups. It is seen that for one to be inducted into such a group he or she has to carry out an activity say robbery or killing someone. This is where homicide comes in.
As it has been seen there are various motivating factors when it comes to homicides. At the same time it should be noted that when it comes to homicides it is not just an act that is undertaken singly. In most cases it is usually tied down to some factors that are prevalent in society, education and the economic factors being chief in this case. (Randal & Ulric, 2009) It should also be noted that any member of the society can fall victim to this and so precautions should be taken. Examples of these precautions can be ensuring every child in the society gets adequate education and at the same time learning of income generating activities that an individual may engage in.
Richards, Patsy (1999), Homicide statistics House of commons library, Social and general statistics section. p. 29.
Randal, Toliver & Ulric, Coyne (2009), Homicides: trends, Causes and Prevention Nova Science Publishers
Williams, Joseph (2007), “Poverty and crime” Retrieved October 24, 2008, from Christian Association for Prison Aftercare
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