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Large Animals Rescue - Research Paper Example

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Owners of large animals like cattle and horses are willing to put themselves at risk in order to safeguard their animals because they are either an asset, a source of income or have sentimental value. In order to keep the owners and the animals safe when such a situation…
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Large Animals Rescue
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Download file to see previous pages yday tasks ensured that their safety and well-being was a priority for humans, which led to the development of large animals rescue procedures from an early age. For example, the first equine ambulance in Massachusetts in 1876 was complete with a crude sling.
Today, animals no longer play the part in our lives that they used to. Once one of the most pivotal parts of our work life, the American culture has now categorized them as mere companions. Although still a food source, they no longer hold a central role in our day. This decline led to decreased developments in rescue programs. One of the clearest indications would be the shutting down of Harvard University’s veterinary hospital. They were deemed unnecessary as cars were more readily available. However, that does not mean that animals still do not have some degree of dependence on humans. Even today, situations can arise where human assistance is crucial and today’s methods enable us to carry out a rescue with less risk and more efficiency. Due to the developments in technology, we can shift or even lift the animals.
Before these developments, an owner who found himself in a predicament where their horse or other animal required human assistance, like if it was stuck in mud, would be forced to seek out help from friends and neighbors alike in order to get the horse out. Back then, the tools of choice being ropes, winches or tractors, there were chances of injury or even the death to the owner and the animal especially without the training that was required to carry out the rescue. However, such events, though not a common occurrence, are still a possibility today. On the other hand, many owners are more likely to call the police with the conjecture that the authorities will be able to handle the situation effectively. An informal survey by Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue of law and fire service personnel by the authors uncovered that only a meager 5% have basic knowledge about the handling of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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