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The conduct of modern business will improve if more high level jobs are gven to women - Essay Example

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In this day and age, women have become more visible in the workplace than they had ever been before. From the traditional roles of women at home, they are now able to participate in the employment sector. At…
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The conduct of modern business will improve if more high level jobs are gven to women
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Extract of sample "The conduct of modern business will improve if more high level jobs are gven to women"

Download file to see previous pages ore gender equal work environment, it is still the case that it is the men who are dominating the workplace, in particular, the higher level positions. Nonetheless, women’s capacity in the workplace should not be overlooked because they can do the same as men in the conduct of business. In fact, women have showed their competitiveness in the field of business (Lowrey, 2006; Evans, 2008). In this regard, this paper shall delve on establishing why the presence of women in high level jobs improves the conduct of modern business.
According to Lowrey (2006), there are more women than men participating in the labor force of professional occupations including professional, financial, management and business professions. Nonetheless, even if this is the case, gender inequality remains in this male-dominated society in which we live. The reality is that more men occupy the top management positions in companies than women (Desvaux, Devillard-Hollinger, & Baumgarten, 2007; Desvaux, Devillard, & Sancier-Sultan, 2010). Even if it is the case that the number of female graduates from the university has increased, still it would not close the gender gap in the management functions (Desvaux et al., 2007).
Competence is not an issue because women can do the same as men in the field of business. As a matter of fact, success in business is not a concern if it is the women who handle it. If high proportion of women occupy the top management positions in companies, the conduct of modern business may perform even better (Desvaux et al., 2007; Desvaux et al., 2010). Desvaux et al. (2007) and Desvaux et al. (2010) found out in their studies that the presence of women positively affects the excellent performance of organizations. The companies with more women representing the top management levels are observed to be the businesses which have better performance at the financial level. The companies which perform at their best are those who are most strongly represented by women at the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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