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CASE STUDY- choose a company/ public sector provider which use events to promote its interests - Essay Example

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Barclays is known for offering sponsorship and it has been part of many world class events. This report provides an analysis of Barclay’s mission, vision and strategic goals…
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CASE STUDY- choose a company/ public sector provider which use events to promote its interests
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Extract of sample "CASE STUDY- choose a company/ public sector provider which use events to promote its interests"

Download file to see previous pages Finally the paper ends with a set of recommendation stating to improve its existing service, measuring strategic success, coordinating with the upcoming events.
The main purpose of the report is to introduce Barclays and events associated with it. The report aims to include company’s background, aims and culture, SWOT analysis, and finally future plans and recommendation. It also included discussion on how Barclays would measure success and how it aims to achieve the goals.
Barclays provides financial services to about more than 48 million customers in over 50 countries globally. Barclays came into existence 300 years ago, it offers a range of products and services which are tailored to meet the needs of the customers globally. Barclays is committed to ensure sustainability of the communities where the business operates and thus practices sustainable relationship with its customers and client. Barclays deals with the financial services and also deals in sponsoring events. Products and services include personal banking where its services include insurance loans, mortgages, credit cards and others. Corporate and business banking tends to support business all over the world; in addition Barclays provides large corporate, institutional and government clients which aims to deal in financing and risk management. Investment banks have office around the globe and employ about 25000 people. Barclays also deals in wealth and investment management for private and intermediary clients across the globe. Barclays is one of the global financial services providers which is engaged in commercial banking, retail, investment banking, credit cards, investment management and wealth management services across the globe (Barclays-e, 2012).
Barclays is committed in building a world class organization and aims to be among the most valuable and the most admired financial services organization on the global basis. It aims to become the business that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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