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Nonprofit Assignment 2 - Coursework Example

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There are almost 1.2 million organisations registered with the IRS with a combined value of $621.4 billion per year contributing 6.2% to the nation’s economy. As it is already evident from…
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Nonprofit Assignment 2
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Extract of sample "Nonprofit Assignment 2"

Non-Profit Sector Non-Profit Sector INTRODCTION The Non-profit sector of America contributes to a large chunk of the US monetary system. There are almost 1.2 million organisations registered with the IRS with a combined value of $621.4 billion per year contributing 6.2% to the nation’s economy. As it is already evident from the commentary, all these organizations satisfy to some of the theories discussed. In this paper we analyse three such firms and the way they comply with or not comply with the theories.
The organization named, National Association of Coloured People as a civil rights non-profit organization. With a mission to ensure racial equality and socioeconomic uplifting of all citizens, the organization boasted about 425000 members in 2007.
Through its various departments like Branch and Field Services, youth and collage department, Legal department, and Education department, the organization looks to improve the living conditions of all American citizens and provide them with the best facilities available. The Association also does strong lobbying in the US government that is something contrary to the theories discussed in the commentary.
The NAACP is also run through a proper hierarchical management system and takes the ideology of business processes in its operations. The organization also had a rivalry with the IRS at the point of its tax-exempted status. The IRS contented that the organization has been actively taking part in the political affairs which was obnoxious but eventually, the case went in favour of the organization(NAACP, 1997).
The philanthropic foundation works under private ownership and is a division of the main for profit business of the Kellogg Company. Hence this is a good example of the corporate effort towards non-profit businesses. The foundation was the 7th largest foundation in 2005 with 82% of its founds spent in the US.
The company also invests in a variety of programs including schools, and other social programs. The assets held by the company are humongous in volume with US $ 7 billion. This is in compliance with the theories cited in the commentary about the growing influence of the non-profit organizations. The new management framework employed by the organization enables it to emphasise on food, Health, Social wellbeing and Education and Learning.
The organization, unlike many others, has been very successful in fulfilling its objective of helping children face the future with confidence, health, and under high security (W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 1999).
The Association of Jewish family and children agencies has the memberships of 125 Jewish family service agencies of the US and Canada. Although it claims to be the social organization for the support of all communities, the organization has a peculiar role in the social uplift of the Jewish community and the protection of their interests.
Incorporated in 1972 with the collaboration of the Jewish immigrants, the association has now turned into a very viable institution with a strong network throughout the country. The agency also sustains under heavy grants from the US government which disproves the fact pointed out in the commentary that the Government of US is reluctant in giving grants to the religious organizations (AJFCA, 2000).
The example AJFCA is just a small example of a burning question these days about the excessive grants given by the federal government to the Jewish religious organization that creates a bias against the Christian community. This fact also is a contra example to the claim given in the commentary.
Through its strong strategic position, the company has been able to initiate various programs like the Long term care insurance, Geriatric care management, Civic management programs and consultation programs throughout the country.
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Nonprofit Assignment 2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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