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Gun Control - Essay Example

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While it is the duty of the federal government to regulate ownership of guns, state gun laws vary from one city to another. Indeed, there have been various federal laws to promote the regulation of gun ownership since 1934, and the congress…
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Gun Control
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Extract of sample "Gun Control"

Gun Control Today, Americans own guns. While it is the duty of the federal government to regulate ownership of guns, gun laws vary from one to another. Indeed, there have been various federal laws to promote the regulation of gun ownership since 1934, and the congress contentiously debate on gun control (Almanac of Policy Issues Web) with 60% of Democrats and 30% of Republicans favoring stronger gun ownership laws. However, Americans disagree on this issue with many expressing their desire to use guns while others dispute personal gun usage. Hence, the pros and cons of gun control. This essay will specifically address the reasons for allowing personal gun ownership and usage.
The federal government should not restrict American people from carrying guns because guns do not kill people but people kill people. Hence, by restricting gun ownership we do not create a safer society since the safety of the society relies on our morals and not firearms. Additionally, according to the second Amendment to the U.S Constitution, it is a legitimate right for an American citizen to own a gun for security reasons and protection of his property (Endersby Web). In situations where the police are incapable of protecting the citizens like where thugs break into houses in the wee hours of the night, a personal gun would offer a reprieve. In fact, banning guns would not eliminate them from the society since most of the guns are illegal secret imports that are never registered. Hence, banning gun ownership will only accord criminal a chance to own illegal guns and deny law-abiding citizens weapons to protect themselves from the criminals. Moreover, shooting is a sport recognized by the federal government and relies on gun ownership. Hence, banning ownership of guns would deprive the sportsmen of their leisure, kill the sport and the economic benefits attached to it. Actually, a country can effectively fight external aggression if most of its citizens have an ability to use guns. Banning personal gun ownership denies this ability. Indeed, the federal government recognizes the significance of a well-regulated militia in the second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Many countries rely on this militia to defend themselves. In probable cases of rape and other crimes, women will have no means to protect themselves when the rapists strike. Ideally, the possibility of a victim to possess a firearm prevents a crime.
Socially, the banning of gun ownership will lead to black markets for guns and subsequent criminal revenue as people seek for alternatives, which is risky to the general society. The decision to ban personal ownership of guns is not absolute because there are better ways of gun control like education and advocacy on morality. Similarly, the federal government licensing of gun dealers would help law the police to tame rogue gun dealers, hold gun dealers responsible for any illegal guns, make gun access challenging and reduce illegal gun trafficking. Most significantly, any ban is a denial that takes away citizens liberty, an act that negates modern democracy (Balanced politics Web). Hence, the federal government should not initiate gun control/banning. Instead, the state should enact better laws regulating, sale, access, and use of guns. Moreover, the state should seek to educate the society on gun use and the need to have a morally upright society free from misuse of guns.
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Gun Control Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
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It can be noted that the places where individuals stay also determine their need to own guns or not. Reach Chuck argues that gun ownership depends on where one lives. Most people in rural America believe that guns are an integral part of their lives. For instance, “A compilation of December Gallup polls showed that rural Americans — roughly one-sixth of the population — are more than twice as likely to have...
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