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Industrial Safety Jobs in Oklahoma - Research Paper Example

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The focus of the paper will be on the situation in Oklahoma but the general tendency of the shift towards Industrial safety as well as Environmental Safety will also be discussed.
Industrial safety has become…
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Industrial Safety Jobs in Oklahoma
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Extract of sample "Industrial Safety Jobs in Oklahoma"

Download file to see previous pages The legal environment is a factor because there are strict laws in place which compels the organizations to ensure that the workers are safe and that al the measures of industrial safety are in place. These laws are in place not only in the developed countries but also in the developing countries. This shows the level of importance which governments have for the industrial safety.
The humanitarian argument has its roots is humanities. It suggests that it is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that the fellow humans are not treated in any inhumane way. The proponents of this concept suggest that if an organization does not focus on industrial safety, it can have a severe implication on its image and eventually profits.
The economic argument, as discussed earlier, is based on simply the costs of industrial hazards. Moreover, if the legal aspect is also held into consideration, then an organization should also keep in mind the legal penalties and fines which the government can impose because of safety breaches.
The situation in Oklahoma in particular and the US in general is such that the Chemical Safety Board is seriously working to ensure that a proper system is in place for industrial safety. This has led to an increase in opportunities for jobs in this area. For instance, CSB is now considering implementing a program in which a greater emphasis is placed on the employee involvement in the safety ensuring process. In this way the workers can equally participate in monitoring, controlling and more importantly owning the safety process. If, for instance, an accident occurs, the employees can now directly report the issue to the CSB and thus CSB can investigate on quick and accurate information (Rick, 2012).
The prospect of industrial safety in Oklahoma is promising. The state is included in one of those places where this concept is being taken seriously. There are many universities which are offering programs for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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